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Training workshops matters. But a corporate leadership development workshop may be a one-time event. How do your leaders keep the momentum going?

Joel provides a variety of resources to facilitate continued growth for all his participants. As a nationally-recognized executive coach, he has written a library of more than 50 articles on a wide variety of leadership topics. This is the information your people can draw on whenever they are faced with a new challenge or an opportunity for advancement.

Use these articles as kick-off material in discussion groups or staff meetings. Share with peers, bosses, and subordinates. As long as the contact information, copyright notice, and links (if published online) remain intact, these articles can be reprinted freely.

A Leadership Conference Theme That Delivers

How do leaders gain the professional magnetism and unmistakable command of a room? Having a leadership conference theme focused on executive presence.

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When Hiring a Keynote Speaker, Use This Evaluation Tool

Hiring a great keynote speaker works wonders for your company’s morale, but how to choose the right one. Leverage the keynote speaker evaluation tool by answering these five questions.

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Why Every Women’s Conference Needs a Stress Management Talk

At a women’s conference, I shared stress management tips that will help women succeed even when the playing field’s far from equal.

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4 Points of Good Keynote Speeches for College Graduations

Keynote speeches for college graduations need to encourage new graduates to look beyond the traditional markers of success. Success is about mastering these 4 leadership qualities.

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The 5 Immediate Impacts of a Transformational Leadership Training

What’s the difference between a mediocre leadership training and one that’s truly transformational? Here are the 5 immediate changes and impact gained.

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What Do Really Good Motivational Speakers Do for Their Audience?

What do good motivational speakers do? An outstanding motivational speaker doesn’t just fire up an audience, but gives people the tools to channel that fire into action.

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Planning a Conference for Women Leaders

Planning a successful women conference needs to address particular challenges women face. The planning committee needs to focus on these top 3 areas.

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Motivational Trainings: Meeting Employees’ Need for a Morale Boost

How do you keep your team motivated? Meeting regularly for motivational trainings will empower your group. Learn the 5 training techniques to improve the group dynamics.

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Five Ways to Use Your Christian Strengths to Grow Your Leadership Abilities

Five ways to grow your leadership abilities that draw on your inherent strength as a Christian. How to feel motivated to enjoy your job through your faith.

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Motivational Meeting Themes

When choosing a motivational theme for an upcoming meeting, ask yourself what your workplace needs now. Here are 5 impactful options to leverage at your company.

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A Motivational Speaker on Sports Delivers Powerful Leadership Lessons

Use sports stories to motivate business professionals. These stories inspire and teach character traits that win on the field and in the office.

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How to Choose a Keynote Speaker in Healthcare

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for a healthcare industry event, make sure they have these three key tips.

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In Executive Leadership Training, Persuasion Techniques Are a Valuable Tool

These 4 persuasion techniques utilized in an executive leadership training will leave your star employees excited to use the “Power to Persuade”.

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Executive Time Management Training: 9 Ways to Make Productivity Skyrocket

This time management training for executives provides 9 tips to help leaders learn how to protect and leverage their time.

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How the Best Motivational Speakers Move Their Audience

The best motivational speakers know how to help employees break bad habits, instill confidence, and motivate people toward greatness. Read this article for the five tips.

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Planning a Conference Seminar Event: Your Roadmap to Success

Event planning for a conference seminar should begin many months in advance. Follow this six-point roadmap to success.

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