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Training workshops matters. But a corporate leadership development workshop may be a one-time event. How do your leaders keep the momentum going?

Joel provides a variety of resources to facilitate continued growth for all his participants. As a nationally-recognized executive coach, he has written a library of more than 50 articles on a wide variety of leadership topics. This is the information your people can draw on whenever they are faced with a new challenge or an opportunity for advancement.

Use these articles as kick-off material in discussion groups or staff meetings. Share with peers, bosses, and subordinates. As long as the contact information, copyright notice, and links (if published online) remain intact, these articles can be reprinted freely.

Motivational Speaker Rates: What Do Motivational Speakers Charge?

The rates that motivational speakers charge vary greatly depending on the speaker's experience and skill. A highly sought-after speaker who can get your audience fired up, stimulate new ideas and insights, and motivate your people to improve their performance, leading to higher profits and measureable results, will charge more than someone who is less well-known. Continue reading

A Great Motivational Speaker Can Alter an Audience’s Brain Chemistry

As an audience sits spellbound by the speaker before them, something magical happens: Listeners' spirits soar, their skin tingles, and a world of new possibility opens. Psychologists call this uplift. When an entire group shares in their experience of uplift, it can grow into a self-reinforcing collective emotion called elevation-the goal of all great motivational speakers. Continue reading

6 Tips I Shared at an Executive Training in San Francisco

Are you a team leader who wants to advance? To become a great leader, start by being the best team leader you can be. Once you have demonstrated your leadership skills on a small scale, you will increase your chances of landing bigger and better opportunities in the future. Here are six ways to be a better team leader. Continue reading

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