Business Leadership & Motivation Training Course

Develop Influential Leaders: A Business Leadership and Motivational Training Course

Robert Greenleaf once said, “The only test of leadership is that somebody follows.” Failing to lead a team will result in organizational mediocrity. In fact, almost 77% of American workers are currently dissatisfied in their work. A course focused on business leadership and motivational training teaches leaders how to grow their influence over others. This makes leaders more productive, results in a lower turnover rate, and promotes a more harmonious environment inside of the organization.

I recently presented my talk “Develop Influential Leaders: Five Traits That Create High-Impact Leadership” at a conference for women in leadership. In this training, I gave examples of poor leadership and contrasted them with stories showing what truly influential leadership looks like. Audience members left with a strong understanding of the traits they needed to develop in themselves—particularly those that relate to growing their influence—and how they could start doing that immediately.

Leaders aspiring to grow their influence should determine if they have these traits of poor leadership. Then they can work to grow their influence by becoming a motivational leader who inspires loyalty and engagement in employees.

Traits of Poor Leadership

  • Here are seven traits that poor leaders often possess:
  • Failing to be aware of and acknowledge the needs of coworkers.
  • Reflecting an arrogant and aloof demeanor.
  • Betraying trust by disclosing confidential information.
  • Being ruled by their ambitions.
  • Not knowing how to delegate effectively.
  • Deficiency in staffing.
  • Failing to use effective strategies to achieve goals.

Understanding Influential Leadership and Employee Motivation

Employees need to feel like they are getting something in return for their service. These returns serve as motivators. They may be different for each staff member, and they may also change over time. A business leadership and motivational training course teaches managers how to recognize these needs, but you don’t have to wait for the course to get started. Here are five ways to excel as a leader right now:

  • Make sure your employees’ needs are met:

    Pay attention to your employees’ needs. Most people don’t work just because they want to; they work because they have a specific need that must be met.

  • Find out what motivates your employees:

    Intrinsic rewards—the social rewards people get when others notice their hard work and accomplishments—do matter to most employees. Achievement, recognition, challenge, and the opportunity for advancement serve as highly effective motivators.

  • Set reasonable goals:

    When goal-setting with employees, strive to be equitable, setting goals based on their ability and proven track record. Above all, be fair. Goals should be demanding but achievable, with a clearly defined and singular objective. When giving rewards, try to make sure they’re equivalent to the difficulty of the task.

  • Lead by example:

    Good leaders know they must make sacrifices for the benefit of the organization and its employees. By doing so, they also teach their employees that there will be times in which they have to compromise for the benefit of others.

  • Have faith:

    Trusting employees to do a good job is not an easy thing. Many leaders fall victim to the need to control how a task is performed. Set attainable goals, delegate responsibility, and then step out of the way.

Whether you’re looking for an executive training program for your next leaders, or a keynote speaker for your next major event, invest in someone with a proven track record of success.

Motivational speakers can help organizations banish outdated, ineffective leadership styles like authoritarian leadership that doesn’t give people the coaching they need. An effective speaker can help male leaders nurture their employees’ growth even if they haven’t yet found mentors who model that quality, for example. Likewise, a good speaker will show women how to leverage their natural talents to become strong leaders.

Remember, true leadership stems from influence, not from intimidation. You’ll gain plenty of respect from using these motivational strategies—not from inspiring fear. Developing the key qualities of a great boss will bring you the respect and loyalty of your people.

By helping leaders take these steps, a skilled keynote speaker empowers employees to make lasting changes throughout the company.

Strong communication skills and other good leadership habits will help you garner the respect of all your people—and more importantly, motivate them to reach higher!

Need a motivational speaker or trainer for your employees? Contact Joel Garfinkle to learn more about how he can help motivation skyrocket in your organization.

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