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Practical Tips to Help You Become a Better Leader

To many, leadership is an elusive role. Some people seem to have a natural talent for leading, while others struggle. Defined, it is the ability to influence followers in order to meet organizational goals through change. Great leaders are not necessarily born. The necessary skills can be developed and learned. When you attend a convention, conference, or special event, the speaker will motivate and train you to become a stronger leader.

Everyone has the potential to become a great leader, but is it a crucial skill? Absolutely. The success of an organization could depend on it.

Enron and WorldCom are perfect examples of how poor leadership can lead a company to failure. By contrast, GE is an organization that demonstrates the benefits of developing their leaders. Many executives trained by GE go on to become leading CEOs at other major companies, more so than at any other firm. Whether you’re looking for executive sales training in Colorado, or coaching for managers in Florida, invest in your people by investing in a skilled motivational speaker.

Roles That Great Leaders Fill

Great leaders play multiple roles inside of an organization. It is vital to explore what these are in order to analyze areas of weakness. These include:

  • Decisional roles involving innovating ideas, instituting change, resolving conflict, and allocating company resources such as payroll, inventory, and budgeting.
  • Interpersonal roles are played when a manager must lead a team, represent the company to people who are outside of the company, or act as a liaison.

Informational roles include gathering information to uncover problems and opportunities, delegating tasks, and reporting to a boss or board of directors.

Practical Leadership Tips

  1. Sometimes, being a great leader means knowing when to let people do their jobs. Micromanaging the staff wastes company resources and frustrates employees. A good boss empowers employees to make their own decisions and do their jobs in the way they deem best.
  2. Leaders can’t afford to be aloof. Showing the staff that they care is an essential component of the ability to influence. Celebrate success, praise and reward a job well done, and let them know that they matter.
  3. A great leader remembers the fundamentals and keeps their team tuned into the elements of success. Leaders must “keep their eyes on the ball” and not lose sight of the bottom line.

In order to be competitive and achieve organization goals, people in leadership roles should be encouraged to develop their leadership skills. A convention, conference, and special event speaker is a wise investment of company resources. After all, a business is only as successful as the people who run it. The article 10 Ways to Become a Powerful Leader offers additional insights on adopting effective leadership skills.

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