Corporate Team Building & Executive Leadership Training

Corporate Team Building + Executive Leadership Training: A Dynamic Combination

Corporate Team Building + Executive Leadership Training are both important. Individually, either one can have a positive effect on your company. However, when the two are combined, they create a synergy that dramatically multiplies their effectiveness.

Here’s what you need to know about each of these components of a good talent development strategy:

  • What it is
  • How you do it
  • Why it’s effective
  • How they work together

Let’s consider the second one first. What is executive leadership training? It is a comprehensive program that’s designed to take your best people and accelerate their growth and effectiveness. You’ll create the best type of leadership training program by looking for a speaker who comes from a coaching background. This individual will be effective at meeting your people where they are, listening to their needs and concerns, and customizing a program just for them. He or she will spend time getting to know you and your environment, understanding your vision and mission. Everything he presents will be tailored to your immediate and specific needs.

Why is this kind of training effective? Your star employees are a terrific, and often unexploited, resource for your company, especially if any of your senior leaders are nearing retirement age. Good leaders don’t just magically appear—leadership skills must be learned. You need to cultivate well-trained, enthusiastic understudies who are ready to step up when the time comes. Succession planning is an often-neglected component of good HR management. People who already hold senior positions don’t often want to focus on retirement, or what might happen if illness or accident occurs. However, the ideal time to plan for these eventualities is long before they happen. Then when some unforeseen or planned event does occur, you’re well positioned for a seamless transition.

Now let’s consider the second component of our strategy: corporate team building. A corporate team building program can be implemented at any level of a company, or at all levels. Each presentation, however, should be designed by your speaker/coach to meet people where they are. People in your customer service phone bank, for example, are going to have far different needs and desires from mid-level managers in accounting or IT. Plus, the motivational coach’s teaching style should also align with the ways your employees learn, so get input from people about how they learn best. Finally, whatever the audience, the company’s mission and goals must be the focal point. A good coach will help your people catch the vision.

Team-building programs are effective because implementing a good program will empower employees throughout the company to uncover their strengths. Then they will learn how to use them to create greater job satisfaction for themselves. They will learn how to build relationships, both within their own teams and cross-functionally. “We’re all in this together,” will become the corporate attitude.

Furthermore, motivational trainings can reduce stress by helping employees find work/life balance. Instead of heading toward burnout, they’ll be playing the long-game.

Now that you understand what each program is and how they work, let’s talk synergy. Lower level employees in many companies often feel neglected, ignored, or overlooked. They see those on the ladder above them getting all the goodies, having all the fun, and moving ahead with a purpose.

While executive leadership training is happening at the higher levels of your company, assuring that star employees advance when the time is right, what’s happening down below? Everyone, from the person who delivers the mail to the customer service reps and the entry-level sales people need to see the big picture, where they fit into it, and where their future with the company lies. As these employees begin to reveal their potential, timely pay increases and promotions will bolster morale and loyalty. More importantly, sharing gratitude for their contributions will vastly increase their job satisfaction. This mindset results in greater job satisfaction and lower turnover, translating directly to dollars on your bottom line.

So what are you waiting for? Corporate team building, combined with executive leadership training, can move your company to a whole new level of success. Prepare carefully before you start the selection process, and you’ll be well on your way to a transformative event.

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