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Corporate Team Building Training's For Executive Leadership

2 Corporate Team Building Training's For Executive Leadership: (1) Executive Presence, (2) Influential Leaders

As an executive leader you know the importance of developing and leading high performance teams. Team building events, workshops, and seminars are high in demand and corporations nationwide spend millions of dollars on such programs each and every year.

You might notice that when your employees walk out of one of these seminars they are bursting with energy and show high levels of enthusiasm, but hardly a week goes by before the tough reality of their daily job sinks in, and things are back to square one.

That being said, there are inspirational speakers for employees out there who do deliver seminars that bring significant and profound change that lasts. So, what’s the difference between seminars that work and deliver real results, and those that fizzle out faster than you can say “ROI?”

Smart executive leaders and leading HR authorities know that seminars that follow a uniquely customized tried-and-tested process work.

If you’re looking for a corporate team building executive leadership seminar to train your employees, here’s the 3-step process that you should follow:

  1. Pre-event briefing. What happens before the actual seminar or event is as important as the event itself. Prior to the seminar, a seasoned motivational speaker will speak to company leaders and those with decision-making authority as well as seminar participants to understand company dynamics and employee pain points.Past team building or leadership skill training initiatives might also be discussed in regards to what worked and what didn’t. It is critical to understand the company culture and the people who will be attending to make sure the speech is designed to address specific concerns instead of providing a superficial cookie-cutter solution that may sound grand but leaves no impact.
  2. Being at the event. When it comes to speaking at the event itself, effective speakers know how to train on executive leadership and corporate team building by incorporating genuine employee stories that came out of pre-event discussions to make their arguments believable. By using anecdotes, audience interaction, and asking questions, a good motivational professional keynote speaker ensures that the participants are hanging on every word and are inspired and fired up to work together as a team.But is that enough? Not if you ask an exceptional speaker, it isn’t. To really get the speech to “stick,” exceptional speakers also offer the tools your people need to unravel the pain points troubling them. Along with motivation, they deliver a plan of action which directly impacts the bottom line.
  3. Post-event process. So, the event was a raving success, the employees are fired up, they’re got the tools to get started – that should be the recipe for team building success, right? Well, almost. The final ingredient to ensure that it all comes together is following up. Holding employees (and yourself) accountable is critical. Encourage employees to take on new creative projects and publicly reward those who take extra initiative. Roll up your sleeves and get involved; it says a lot about the way you lead.Email participants for feedback on the event or organize a post-event anonymous survey. You can also invite the speaker to come back for a shorter follow-up event to reinforce the results you want. Finally, if the speaker you hire offers corporate executive coaching, schedule a few sessions with the firm’s top executives to lay out a game plan on how to keep your collective teams motivated and elevate team performance to higher levels.

Not all corporate team building and executive leadership training seminars are created equally. There’s a lot of work that goes into a uniquely designed customized seminar that fits the needs of your organization.

After you’ve planned your training seminar, read these tips for how to introduce your speaker to create a great kick-off to your event.

Do you want to see a jump in your ROI? If you’re looking for real results, hire a keynote and seminar speaker who is a leading expert in the above 3-step process today!

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