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4 Things that Make a Good Leader Great

Great leaders are an inspiration. They instill feelings of confidence and inspire their workers. Many people struggle to understand how they can achieve the same results. A course in leadership skill training teaches average leaders how to become great. Mastering the necessary skills leads to a level of professional competence that benefits both the individual and the company.

Are Great Leaders Born or Are They Made?

Some people are born with an inherent ability to get others to follow them. However, this isn’t what makes them a great leader. Everyone in this role should be willing to take an honest look at how well their system works and how they can change to improve things. A leadership skill training course can help you do this.

What Makes a Leader Great?

There are many qualities that a truly great leader possesses, but here are a few of the most important ones:

  1. Integrity.
    How honest and ethical a leader is affects their ability to influence their followers.
  2. Intelligence.
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but great leaders should be able to think critically and solve problems. Emotional intelligence is important too. Achieving greatness requires the ability to work well with others.
  3. High Energy.
    Leadership requires enormous drive, hard work, good stress management skills, and enthusiasm.
  4. Stability.
    Being in control of emotions that are disruptive to others is another critical component of being a great leader.

Great Leaders Do the Following:

  1. They lead by example.
    Great leaders set high professional standards for themselves as well as their employees. The needs of the organization and its employees are their top priority. In many ways, a great leader is self-sacrificing.
  2. Have a developed inner voice.
    Using gut instincts and reasoning, they are able to quickly assimilate information and arrive at a conclusion.
  3. Have confidence in their decisions.
    5. They know that the choices they make are the best ones and don’t hesitate to make tough decisions, even if that means having to fire someone. They are capable of mitigating damage in the event of a bad choice. Read “Great Leaders Turn Adversity into Advantage” to learn more about this.
  4. Stay at the top of their field.
    By keeping abreast of changes in leadership methods, a manager can ensure that they will continue to be a valuable resource to their company. A course in leadership skill training can develop powerful skills that last a lifetime.

Knowing what makes a good boss or leader great is not enough. You must take steps to put your knowledge into action. Take a few minutes right now to list the steps you will take this week to become a stronger leader.

A great speaker leaves the audience with actionable tools for making changes. Here’s an example of specific strategies I gave participants at an executive training for a sales team in Colorado. These types of concrete, detailed solutions help audiences learn exactly how to become the leaders they aspire to be.

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