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9 Daily Motivationals for Women in Business

9 Tips Every Business Woman Needs to Stay Motivated

When women begin reaching the higher levels of leadership, they are often dismayed by the underrepresentation of women in these leadership roles. Women in business need to be motivated daily so they can possess the top qualities of being a great leader.

Here are nine methods women have found to be successful. Choose the ones that work best for you and find your way to stay motivated every day. Remember, the benefits of having women in top leadership strengthens the diversity of leadership and improves the company’s bottom line.

  1. Understand Your ‘Why’
    Periodically stop and remember why you are doing all this. What is your major purpose or motivator? Look beyond the money to what it represents. It may be the drive to prove yourself, the desire for total economic security, the need to keep your family safe and cared for.

    When you remember the why, it motivates you to keep striving.

  2. Stay Focused on the Big Picture
    Often, it’s the little, picky things that seem to get us down. An unjustified comment, a late report, another meeting eating at your precious time.

    When you can focus on the big picture, you remember what you enjoy about your work. You recall the satisfaction of your successes and you can put into perspective the small annoyances that are always a part of any job. And you’ll become a better leader as your passion for your work shows.

  3. Don’t Expect Perfection
    Be kind to yourself and those around you. Avoid the grief and disappointment that comes from missing unachievable expectations. When you keep your goals realistic, you’ll feel more motivated. On a daily basis, if needed, check your expectations and make them achievable.
  4. Create Small, Bite-Sized Goals
    Few things kill motivation faster than an oversized task. Both men and women find it daunting to start huge jobs, instead procrastinating—which makes it worse. Immediately chunking it into bite-sized pieces gives you the incentive to dig in and get the project accomplished.
  5. Find Time to Meditate
    Call it what you want—alone time, pondering time, meditation. Our brains need time to digest and recharge. Your key to improved production may well come from slowing down at times.

    Give your brain a break. You’ll come back more enthused and with fresh ideas.

  6. Express Gratitude
    What we focus on expands. If we dwell on negatives or what we lack we become less happy. Instead, take time to be grateful. Say it out loud. Share with friends. Remind yourself of the good when little annoyances come. Gratitude expands joy. Do it each minute, each hour, each day!
  7. Keep Accountable to a Buddy
    When you are trying to motivate yourself on a daily basis, an accountability partner can help. They can check your expectations of perfection, help you remember your big why, and keep the larger picture in mind. After a motivational talk, an accountability buddy can help what you’ve learned stay fresh in your mind.Have you expressed gratitude or taken time to ponder? Sometimes life gets so busy, we need a second person to support us.
  8. Visualize the Future
    When you’re up to your eyebrows in paperwork, it may be motivational to visualize the future. It might be the solitude of an evening at home, the fun of a vacation to come, or the rewards of a comfortable retirement.A few moments contemplating that enjoyable future may motivate you to get through the tough tasks of today.
  9. Reward Yourself
    This is a tried and true motivator. And it’s still effective. Studies show even adults are motivated by a gold star. Got a tough task? Promise yourself that pedicure, night out, or chocolate sundae when you’re done. Reward yourself!

Each woman needs to discover those methods of motivation that help her perform best in her business. Then, do them daily for the greatest benefits. A motivational speaker can give that sense of uplift that keep you committed to using these tools in the long-run. If you’re a boss, consider hiring a speaker with skill in helping employees discover their sense of purpose and channel their passion into their daily work.

Joel Garfinkle helps business women find and keep their motivation so they can achieve superior results. Contact Joel Garfinkle, Inspirational Speaker and Trainer, to see how he can best help you.

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