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Executive Leadership Skill Training

Lacking Confidence? Learn 5 Ways To Gain Leadership Confidence Through Executive Skill Training Program

Some personalities may feel they are not cut out to be a leader. They may be an introvert or unsure of themselves and their strength to lead.

Joel Garfinkle shows the simple steps to position employees so that they are confident and prepared to rise to that leadership position. Garfinkle has conducted executive leadership skill training for such companies as Genentech, Oracle, Warner Bros, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and Nestle to name a few. The course he often teaches during these trainings is Executive Presence: 4 Ways to Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader.

Here are five ways to gain self-assurance so you can more easily step into that leadership next level position with confidence.

  1. Recognize Self-Confidence as a Leadership trait.
    You’ve seen it in others and assume it just comes naturally. But some of these leaders likely started out shy and uncertain as well. However, they recognized the power of confidence and worked to gain it. In my Executive Presence leadership training course for executives, the focus is on radiating the skill gravitas. This leadership trait will help you be more poised, confident and charismatic.
  2. Know Your Strengths.
    There’s a tendency to think that if it comes easy for you, it must not be valuable. But that is not so. You have strengths and talents that others lack. You contribute to the team. Take a careful look at yourself and the value of your abilities. How do they contribute to the team and to the company as a whole? When you gain assurance of your skills and strengths… and when you see how the company is better off because of your work… it gives you confidence.
  3. Be comfortable in your own path.
    Some leaders make snap decisions. They may jump in and take control. But if you’re an introvert, you may take more time to think things through. You may invite a more collaborative kind of leadership. Be aware that there are many kinds of effective leadership styles. You can learn more about them through leadership skill training that addresses the company’s executives and employee’s specific needs. Look at the range of styles and choose the style that best fits you and your organization.
  4. Do good work.
    Nothing gives you greater confidence and visibility than accomplishing hard tasks. When you know you can do mission-critical work, step up. It’s good training to volunteer for a high profile assignment. Your excellent work gives you credibility in the eyes of your peers and upper management.
  5. Use the trust of others to strengthen your leadership.
    If there are times when you feel less confident, look at the opinions of others. Often your co-workers and supervisors trust and respect for you can inspire in you the confidence you need. You value their opinion, so trust that you are the leader they think you are.

For most people, growing into a leadership position is a process. It is your own unique path, which requires overcoming leadership hurdles. But you can accomplish it more quickly through executive leadership skill training. It can teach you how to convey confidence, communicate with conviction and be assertive. Then you will be seen as not just confident in your job, but confident as a leader.

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