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Executive Presence - An Executive Leadership Training Program for Star Employees

Let’s say you’re the HR manager for a medium-sized company, ABC Security Systems, Inc. Your company has been in business for over twenty years and your organizational structure consists of many departments, including: Human Resources, Administration, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Production, Quality Assurance, and Customer Service.

Each of these seven departments are led by senior level executives, four of whom are expected to retire within the next 2-4 years.

What happens when they retire? How have you planned to fill their roles? Most companies have two options. The first is to hire new people outside the company and the second is to pick out high potential star employees within the firm who already understand the company’s vision and business and promote them to fill these new positions.

Star employees are hard-working individuals who get the job done. They possess the required expertise and talent, have the enthusiasm to step into new responsibilities, and sport a ready-to-learn attitude. They are the exclusive few who have the potential of growing into leadership positions within the firm.

So how can you help your star employees fill demanding leadership roles? This is where an executive leadership skills training program can make all the difference.

Top companies including Microsoft, Cisco Systems Inc., Oracle, Wells Fargo Bank, and many more invest in business leadership and motivation training courses for their top performing employees.

When it comes to succession planning for your organization, here are three things you should keep in mind when choosing an executive training program for your leadership:

  1. Get to know the coaching style. No two leadership speakers are alike. Everyone has a different style and technique. Some are purely motivational—firing up your employees to perform—and some offer factual case studies and industry examples to show how to increase productivity levels or manage finances. The best kind of leadership speaker is one that compels your people to take action but also offers them the hands-on tools they need to get started.
  2. Make sure the program fits your needs. An experienced motivational leadership speaker will conduct prior research to develop a better understanding of what your company is about and what you want to achieve. For example, if you’ve identified that goal setting and decision making are key areas that need extra attention, then those will be dealt with in greater detail. The speaker will also interview star employees to learn more about the issues affecting them and what areas they’d like to work on to help identify additional areas for improvement.
  3. Select one that keeps on giving. Executive leadership skill training programs that end and offer no follow-up only bring short-term benefits. Maintaining a continuous relationship with the speaker by having them conduct executive coaching to make your employees accountable and keep them on track.  These one-on-one executive coaching sessions can really help the leaders excel in their roles.

There is no better time to plan for the future of your organization than now. It takes time to build, sharpen, polish, and perfect strong leaders. As I discussed in a motivational speech on influential leadership skills, all employees can strive to develop five core competencies that will make them excel as leaders. With a great training program, you’ll help your rising stars become tomorrow’s top execs.

Hire the right motivational executive leadership coach and rest assured that the future of your organization is in safe hands.

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