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Why You Need an Executive Leadership Training Program for Star Employees

Let’s say you’re the HR manager for a medium-sized company, ABC Security Systems, Inc. Your company has been in business for over twenty years and your organizational structure consists of many departments, including human resources, administration, sales, supply chain management, production, quality assurance, and customer service.

Each of these seven departments is led by senior-level executives, four of whom are expected to retire within the next 2–4 years.

What happens when they retire? How have you planned to fill their roles? Most companies have two options. The first is to hire new people from outside the company, and the second is to select high-potential star employees within the firm who already understand the company’s vision and strategy, promoting them to fill these new positions.

Star employees are hardworking individuals who get the job done. They possess the required expertise and talent, have the enthusiasm to step into new responsibilities, and exude a ready-to-learn attitude. They are the exclusive few who have the potential to grow into leadership positions within the firm.

How can you help your star employees fill demanding leadership roles? This is where an executive leadership training program can make all the difference.

Helping these star employees to develop executive presence is the foundation of succession planning. A carefully designed training program will help them develop this critical trait. In my talk “Executive Presence: Four Ways to Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader,” I share the insights and advice that will help these star employees reach the next level in their careers.

In my talk “Executive Presence: Four Ways to Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader,” I share the insights and advice that will help these star employees reach the next level in their careers.

  1. Radiate gravitas.

    Leaders with executive presence are poised and confident. When they walk into a room, heads turn. The atmosphere changes as their strong presence fills the room. They’re in command at all times; people innately believe in them and know they can guide them through any storms they encounter. Their inner belief in themselves gives them charisma; others want to be around them, knowing they can learn from these leaders and benefit from their input. Through my executive leadership skill training program, leaders can begin honing this gravitas within themselves.

  2. Act with authority.

    These leaders are decisive, bold, accountable, and convincing. They trust their instincts, and when a situation requires quick decision-making, they know what to do. They can outline the specific reasons why they’ve made a certain decision. They hold themselves as well as others accountable—when failure occurs, they examine why it happened so they can learn from it. Strong leaders don’t let fear of failure hold them back from taking calculated risks, as they know they’ll prevail in the long-run even if they fail at times.

  3. Build a positive reputation.

    Those with executive presence have established a high level of credibility—others see them as savvy experts whose knowledge is steeped in experience. They’re also highly trustworthy, as they don’t sugarcoat the truth or cover up their own vulnerabilities, aiming to be transparent at all times. They gain the respect of others through their honesty—others know they see them as equals who can handle the whole truth. Further, by always following through on what they’ve promised to do, they demonstrate that they’re extremely reliable. In my motivational trainings, I share advice on how to build a reputation as a highly trustworthy and credible leader.

  4. Communicate powerfully.

    These excellent communicators get to the facts quickly when they speak, sharing vital information in a clear, concise way. They deliver messages confidently, letting their conviction for their ideas shine through. They’re always prepared when they speak, so they don’t waste people’s time or confuse them. Thus, they easily get other people on board with their ideas, building consensus for their plans.

Star leaders who take part in my executive leadership talk or training program will leave with an action plan for cultivating executive presence. Instead of seeing executive presence as a mysterious quality that people are either born with or lacking, they’ll know they can become the type of commanding leader they’ve always admired.

If you want to learn more about how my motivational leadership speech or program will benefit your organization, let’s talk. Whether you’re looking for a motivational speech on these vital leadership skills or continued executive training, I’m prepared to take your star employees to new heights of success.

Hire Joel Garfinkle for a motivational speech on executive leadership, and rest assured that the future of your organization is in safe hands.

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