Executive Presence Course

How an Executive Presence Course Empowers Next-Level Success

An executive presence course can have a tremendous influence on your company’s success by cultivating your most important asset: your people. Current and aspiring leaders will learn how to effectively drive teams to success through lessons learned in the course.

What Will an Executive Presence Course Do for Your Company?

A good executive presence course will do all of the following:

  • Empower innovative thinking
  • Unleash strong decision-making
  • Prompt smart risk-taking
  • Expand leaders’ visibility and influence
  • Enhance team capabilities
  • Improve communication substantially
  • Increase job satisfaction

By infusing leaders with confidence, charisma, and the ability to command a room, an executive presence course will achieve all of these objectives. Each leader will become comfortable taking on higher-profile responsibilities and will get more impressive results from their team. They’ll cultivate a reputation for being poised, trustworthy, decisive, and reliable by making specific behavioral changes outlined in their personal growth plan. Ultimately, you’ll have a more successful organization because it’s populated with capable leaders.

My executive presence course leverages the 3x3 Executive Presence Model, which I have designed and developed after many years of observing top leaders in practice. This model illustrates the 9 key competencies of executive presence, which together make up the 3 core executive presence domains of gravitas, authority, and expression. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of each of the 9 executive presence competencies and create a personalized roadmap for developing them. They’ll learn which ones they are lacking, the latent strengths they possess, and how to excel in each domain.

Before conducting an executive presence workshop or course, I speak with key stakeholders to learn about employees’ needs. This allows me to speak to the challenges they face and share specific stories that will resonate with them.

Executive Presence Course Format

Let’s take a look at the time frame of an executive presence course and other elements of its format.

The Time Frame of an Executive Presence Course

I conduct executive presence courses in full- and half-day sessions. I can also adapt them as one- to two-hour seminars. Any session can take place as an executive presence webinar, making them more accessible to companies everywhere, although I also do in-person sessions as well.

Many companies opt to hold a series of executive presence courses over a period of several months to maximize learning. Instead of a one-time session, employees receive periodic training and feedback to support their growth. In each session, they may focus on particular elements of executive presence, based on their most pressing needs. This allows for a deep dive into specific executive presence components in particular sessions.

The Difference Between an Executive Presence Course and Executive Coaching

Whereas executive presence coaching typically has a one-on-one format, multiple employees or leaders take an executive presence course together. However, many companies use an executive presence course as a springboard for coaching, or they opt for an executive presence program that includes both.

Each format has distinct benefits (which is why I leverage them both in my six-month executive presence program). When participating in an executive presence program together, leaders receive peer support. They witness their colleagues encountering the same challenges as themselves, provide peer mentoring, and build strong bonds together. Through coaching, they can receive personalized guidance on an ongoing basis after the course or between sessions. This gives them the best of both worlds: peer support that strengthens relationships in a lasting way, and guidance tailored to their needs.

Whether you choose executive coaching or an executive presence course—or a combination of both—you’ll greatly increase the competence and confidence of your leaders. And by investing in your people, you’ll significantly boost their job satisfaction, showing them they have a clear path to success within your company.

Harness the power of an executive presence course to prepare your leadership pipeline for success. Contact Joel to set up a course that covers the essential elements of executive presence. You can also purchase his book for your employees: Executive Presence: Step into Your Power, Convey Confidence and Lead with Conviction.

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