Executive Presence Trainings Delivered in New York, Atlanta, & Chicago

Executive Presence Trainings Delivered in New York, Atlanta, & Chicago

Executive presence trainings, whether I’m delivering them in New York, Atlanta, or Chicago, help companies create a pipeline of well-qualified leaders ready for next-level positions. When new opportunities open, rather than seeking talent from outside, they can promote one of their own capable leaders—which has a dramatic effect on morale.

I have delivered executive presence trainings for companies around the United States, from Atlanta, GA, to NYC, Chicago, Boston, SF, and LA. Let’s take a quick look at what these trainings involve and how I have tailored them to the needs of various companies throughout the U.S.

Topics Covered by Executive Presence Trainings

What do my executive presence trainings cover? They center on cultivating gravitas, authority, and expression—the three crucial elements of executive presence. Current or aspiring leaders learn how to do all of the following:

  • Gain people’s trust and respect
  • Act with authority
  • Communicate with power
  • Stretch their capabilities
  • Expand their impact
  • Become more visible in their organization

A training can take a deep dive into a particular element of executive presence if that’s what the organization needs, or it can devote equal time to all of them.

My Executive Presence Trainings Have an Interactive and Engaging Style

In my executive presence workshops, I provide a high interactive experience by conducting exercises with partners, structured individual self-inquiry and reflection, and collaborative sessions with other participants. I never just lecture the audience. Rather, I ask questions and draw forth insights, as dialogue fosters engagement and understanding. I also allow the audience to ask questions and be engaged in discussions. Their remarks and concerns often serve as a jumping-off point for discussing the specific issues we need to address. I also use the power of compelling stories to drive points home.

Customized Executive Presence Trainings

I customize my executive presence trainings based on the audience’s needs. After all, executive presence is a vast topic, and companies often want to focus on particular elements.

For example, for an executive presence training in NYC, the client noted that managers lacked decisiveness throughout the organization. They’d developed a culture of avoiding bold moves that might rock the boat (perhaps due to a past CEO’s approach). The leaders who had risen through the ranks in that culture took a too-conservative stance, and the company needed to address this epidemic of indecisiveness. So, my training series for this organization focused on cultivating authority.

An executive presence training webinar for a New York company took a more segmented approach: We identified leaders who needed to develop specific executive presence skills, grouping them into cohorts. This gave each leader a peer support group, which proved immensely beneficial. They could reach out to a peer buddy for feedback, which boosted accountability and understanding.

In a training on executive presence in Atlanta, GA, I focused on communicating with power. Leaders honed in on how to enhance their expressive abilities through actionable steps. In this three-part training, we had the chance to assess and discuss progress over a period of three months.

In a recent executive presence training in Chicago, I helped high-level leaders to brush up on their skills in all three domains, so they could lead more effectively. They were navigating how to lead a hybrid workforce, and as their company realized that this would remain their new normal, it decided to provide them with executive presence training. We discussed tactics and strategies they could immediately begin implementing to show up with more gravitas, authority, and expression in any environment—virtual or “real-world.”

Finally, in a training on executive presence in Los Angeles, California, we focused on cultivating gravitas. Leaders learned to become more commanding, radiate confidence, and exude charisma in all situations. We discussed how to bring these skills into meetings with higher-level leaders and leverage them to tackle higher-profile projects.

My Executive Presence Trainings are a Collaborative Approach to Program Design

Before designing an executive presence training, I’ll discuss the trainees’ needs with company representatives to make sure we’ve identified the most important topics to address. Gaining more than one perspective usually helps. As an executive coach, I strive to fully understand the situation I’m stepping into so I can share the most relevant lessons. We discuss recent and ongoing challenges, company culture, and what they hope to achieve through the training. We also discuss how many sessions will best meet their needs. Through this collaborative approach to designing an executive presence program, I ensure clients and their companies will benefit to the fullest extent possible.

Executive presence trainings will take your workforce to the next level. Don’t wait until leaders are promoted—train them now, so they’re ready from day one. Contact Joel to set up a training series with your company. You can also purchase his book for each employees participating in the training: Executive Presence: Step into Your Power, Convey Confidence and Lead with Conviction.

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