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Learn How Executive Presence Webinars Will Transform Your Workplace

Holding an executive presence webinar provides a convenient way to grow your leadership pipeline. You can leverage the expertise of a top executive presence coach from anywhere in the world, giving your people the in-depth guidance they need. Let’s explore the major benefits and key features of an executive presence webinar.

Benefits of an Executive Presence Webinar

What key outcomes does an executive presence webinar deliver?

  • Increasing the effectiveness of top leaders.
  • Priming star talent for advancement.
  • Helping leaders more effectively coach their own people to success.
  • Boosting job fulfillment.

Job satisfaction will increase because people will know they’re being groomed for success and will appreciate that you’re investing in them. Top leaders will more effectively steer the organization to success. Managers will guide their teams to achieve more ambitious goals. And up-and-coming talent will prepare for the next level, even if they’ve been hiding in the shadows until now.

What does a webinar deliver, as opposed to a traditional in-person training?

The webinar format saves you from paying the travel expenses of an executive presence trainer, which can make trainings more cost-effective. You get the same high-caliber training but without the additional expense. Participants will learn how to cultivate gravitas, authority, and influence—the three key elements of executive presence. They leave with hands-on tools and strategies for developing executive presence and excelling at the highest levels.

Plus, the webinar format simplifies the process. No additional logistics are involved; employees just go to the virtual training platform at the agreed-upon time.

The key features of a webinar make this format highly effective, as we’ll discuss next.

Features of an Executive Presence Webinar

My webinars offer interactive features like these:

  • Audience polls
  • Customized surveys
  • Live Q&As

The virtual format lends itself well to such tools, which make the executive presence training more of a dialogue rather than just a lecture. I design surveys based on clients’ specific needs, featuring points they want to address.

This approach leverages social learning. Participants learn not just from gaining answers to their own questions; they also hear the trainer respond to colleagues’ questions. Some of their coworkers’ questions will undoubtedly resonate with them, even though they didn’t think to ask them in the moment. This enriches the learning that arises from a training.

Plus, in a virtual executive presence workshop, each participant has a front row seat. Everyone feels like they’re being spoken to personally, whether 10 or 500 participants are present. No one is stuck in a back corner struggling to hear. This means a webinar is highly scalable without planning for additional logistics like booking an auditorium room and preparing sound equipment.

Finally, you can—and should—easily record the webinar. That way, participants can listen to it again later to glean additional insights or reinforce knowledge. And if anyone couldn’t attend, they can watch it at their own convenience.

In my virtual executive presence courses, I also leverage the same tried-and-true techniques I’ve always used within in-person trainings. To enhance engagement and understanding, I share stories and anecdotes that speak to the specific needs of my audience. I conduct in-depth research to prepare, holding conversations with organizational leaders to learn about the challenges they’re confronting. Then, I can draw forth examples of real-world leaders surmounting similar hurdles, sharing lessons that will motivate and inspire.

For all of these reasons, an executive presence webinar will bring a wealth of benefits for your workplace. While requiring lower investment than an in-person training, it provides top-notch guidance for your current and aspiring leaders.

Timing of a Webinar

You can hold a webinar as a one-time event, or you can schedule a series of webinars. Some companies hold them once per month, once per week, or once per year. Because executive presence is made up of 9 key competencies different skills, each training can focus on a particular area of executive presence.

Further, a webinar can take 60–90 minutes, or it can be a longer executive presence seminar, depending on your company’s needs. Additionally, you can hold a webinar as part of a larger event. If you’re planning a conference or professional development day, consider including a web-based seminar on executive presence.

Finally, you could hold an executive presence webinar to launch an executive presence coaching program. The webinar will draw people together to gain an in-depth understanding of this concept as a group, uniting them in their journey. Then, executive presence coaching will provide personalized guidance for each of them as they strive to develop executive presence.

Schedule an executive presence webinar to catalyze next-level growth in your people. Contact Joel to discuss what an executive presence webinar can do for your workforce. You can also purchase his book for your employees: Executive Presence: Step into Your Power, Convey Confidence and Lead with Conviction.

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