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Sales Training in Colorado Boosts Executive’s Value-based Mindset

Joel Garfinkle’s presentation in Colorado to an executive sales force showed five benefits of shifting from a transactional to a value-based perspective.

Most sales people have a transactional based mind set. They react to the needs of the customer. The customer tells them what they want… the sales person delivers. They try to compete on price. And many sales people thrive on the thrill of closing the “deal.”

You may be thinking: What’s wrong with that? A lot of sales people make good money doing business this way. But too often it’s feast or famine. You spend far too much time chasing customers. Then you get underbid and lose the deal.

As Joel presented the value-based model to the Colorado sales convention, you could see understanding grow. “Now I know a way to increase sales with less effort,” one Denver based executive said.

The value-based mindset moves the discussion away from the price point. It’s nearly impossible to give quality and low price. Someone will always underbid. So eliminate price as a factor with these five key points.

  1. It’s not a sale… it’s a relationship. You don’t want a one-and-done sale. You want to build a long term relationship with your customer so they keep coming back for more. This means you can take a little more time on the front end because you will have many business transactions to take up the back end.
  2. Understand the customer’s big picture needs. Look at your customers larger problems and identify ways you can be the ideal solution. This may mean offering suggested solutions that cause you to refer them to another company when your company can’t do the perfect job.

    If you truly help your customers with their needs in an honest way, they will return to you time and time again. Value based sales people takes time to listen fully to the customer’s issues.

  3. Managing your sales 9-12 months out. When you pay attention to the long term needs you become aware of how you can add value to your customers. You can offer extra services and make them aware of the different possible solutions. Learn to prioritize tasks for maximum impact within a long-term schedule.

    When you understand your clients this completely, you are an asset to them. They can’t get this from the lowest bidder. You become their default setting for help in your area of expertise.

  4. Add business knowledge for longer-term and bigger deals. You are sales executives. You understand why customers need to solve a problem and the cost of inaction. You are capable of framing the solution in a manner that makes sense for their business. You can help them weigh the cost of the fix vs. the price of inaction. You may even point out problems they haven’t seen.

    When you help businesses see things in a different light, find the best solution, save them money, and help them be more profitable, you become a valued member of their team. Your knowledge will give you longer term and larger deals.

  5. Raise your connections to the customer’s C-level executives. As you continue to add value to your client’s business, you will stand out and get noticed. Your depth of understanding and thoughtful solutions will come to the attention of those at the highest level. These executives can approve larger deals more quickly. They will reach out to you first.

Joel’s training showed sales executives how moving from a transactional mind set to a value based model enhanced their value and respect in the eyes of their customers.

One attendee at the Colorado conference said, “I know my client’s business. I’ve been in this field for 20 years. But this training gave me the confidence and methods to reach out and offer significantly more help. I can see a lot more sales coming from this.”

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