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5 Hidden Benefits of Hiring a Leading Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Are you thinking of hiring an inspirational speaker? A keynote speaker who is a skilled motivator can lend a hand in setting the perfect tone at the start of an important event or help raise employee morale and increase productivity levels.

But did you know that the hidden benefits of hiring a well-known speaker far outweigh those of hiring an average speaker? Most organizations only consider how much a seasoned speaker is going to cost them and overlook several key paybacks that can have a huge impact on their bottom line.

Here are five hidden benefits of hiring a leading inspirational speaker for a keynote address:

  1. Inspire introverted employees to step up.

    Sure, you’re looking to fire up your most talented employees to roll up their sleeves and do even better, or you might want to breathe new enthusiasm into unmotivated employees. But what about high-potential introverted employees who don’t want to risk stepping out of their comfort zones? An experienced keynote and seminar speaker knows how to push all the right buttons to influence timid employees to step out of their shells, take more initiative, and assume greater levels of responsibility. Maybe all they need is a nudge of powerful encouragement. My talks on cultivating your invisible leaders do just that.

  2. Give more power to your employees.

    Many speakers emphasize how doing this or that will raise productivity and boost company ROI. To an employee, that sort of talk is just plain boring. An effective inspirational speaker, on the other hand, will remind your staff of just how valuable they are to your firm. Many employees think of their job as just that—a job. They feel they don’t have any say or influence when it comes to company matters. Simply conveying the importance of their role can raise self-esteem levels, give them a sense of belonging, and encourage them to do a better job.

  3. Improve your image.

    Hiring a well-known speaker can give your firm some much-needed publicity. This also helps prove to all parties (including your own employees) that you take yourself seriously and value your people enough to give them the best.

  4. Get new business to come your way.

    If you’ve had a renowned speaker present at your firm, and that becomes public knowledge—and makes news—you can leverage the speaker’s credibility to boost your own business or brand. This helps get your name out there and can bring new business your way.

  5. You get more than just a moving speech.

    There’s no doubt that a good special event speaker at a convention or conference held by your organization can improve overall morale and even shift the mood when times are tough. But a leading speaker with years of experience can do so much more. An experienced inspirational keynote speaker delivers personal experiences and insights and has a knack for delivering just what your people need to hear. In fact, just that one point is worth your entire investment. There’s no reason to spend money for someone to rant on an issue that doesn’t hit a nerve—hire a speaker who catalyzes real change.

Having given more than 1,000 speeches, keynote addresses, and workshops, I’ll deliver the inspirational keynote speech you need. I’ll customize my presentation to fit your company’s needs and address any key issues your employees have in order to inspire, improve performance levels, deliver results, and impact your bottom line.

Hire motivational speaker Joel Garfinkle, and experience the hidden benefits that only a top inspirational speaker can bring.

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