Inspirational Speech Topics

Here Are the Best Inspirational Speech Topics

You’re a corporate meeting planner with a long list of demanding clients. Or you’re an HR staff person who suddenly got assigned to find an inspirational speech topic and speaker for the upcoming annual all-hands meeting.

Now what? Here are four quick tips to get you started:

  1. Check the client list.

    Any good motivational speaker will have a website, and on that website you’ll find a list of clients. The more big-name companies and groups you find there, the better your chances that this person is a top-notch speaker. There’s a big difference between the National Chamber of Commerce and Granny’s Down-Home Knitting Club.

  2. Check references.

    The website may tell you it’s okay to contact certain clients on a reference list. Or you may know someone at one or more of the companies on the list, allowing you to get a quick opinion with a phone call or email. The next best thing: Most websites will also have a page or two of client testimonials you can read.

  3. Check videos.

    Often professional inspirational speakers will have clips of various topics on public video sites, such as YouTube. Viewing leadership videos will give you excellent insight into the speaker’s style, as well as the suitability of his or her topics or presentations for your particular audience.

  4. Check for a good topic.

    Inspirational speakers often have specialty topics: areas of expertise that they are known for. For example, many retired sports figures become motivational speakers after they quit the game. Great executive coaches become known for their specific expertise in building executive talent and helping people to move ahead in their careers.

Here are two examples of my most popular inspirational speaking topics.

First, my presentation Lead with Influence reveals two essential qualities that all great leaders have and use consistently. First, they create an extremely positive perception of themselves throughout the company. They create their own perception management strategy. They do this by taking on high-profile projects and producing recognizable results. Secondly, they know how to exert influence both internally and externally.

I take a deep dive into another hot topic in my presentation Executive Presence. Having executive presence means you convey confidence as a business leader, you are respected as an authority, and you have a professional magnetism that influences others. When you have executive presence, there is no passivity or self-doubt. Instead, you exercise your ability to effortlessly navigate the corporate landscape because you see and understand the big picture—and you know where you belong in it.

I always customize my inspirational speaking topics to meet the needs and interests of my audience. Whether I’m talking to a group of women leaders or a roomful of high-tech executives, I meet them where they are.

I strive to provide a strong balance between humor and inspiration. Over the years, I’ve worked hard to hone my skills as a storyteller who can weave a meaningful lesson about what happened to a client, friend, or family member. These stories give the audience something they can relate to, rather than just presenting high-level theories or lists of action steps and things to do.

As a meeting planner, you’re looking for the perfect fit. I believe you’ll find it with me for two reasons: First of all, I have coached clients in a wide variety of industries and in many different countries, so I bring you a global perspective. Second, I’ll work closely with you to conduct pre-conference research, getting to know your unique needs, so that my message is something special, crafted just for you.

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