Professional Keynote Speaker in Las Vegas

Tips on Building Your Brand from a Professional Keynote Speaker in Las Vegas

A good motivational speaker gives employees the tools they need to succeed in their industry and city. I recently spoke as a professional keynote speaker in Las Vegas, sharing tips for branding yourself in your industry. These key tips show how to carefully craft a brand for yourself.

  1. Find Your Competitive Advantage

    Staying focused on your competitive advantage is also a great confidence booster when surrounded by other talented people. Schedule time with yourself to outline your distinct strengths, particularly those that are highly in demand in your industry. The projects you devote the most effort to should highlight this advantage in order to promote your brand to the world.

  2. Achieve Memorable Successes

    Boost your visibility by achieving successes that influential people see, as I discuss in Getting Ahead. Choose projects that have a measurable impact and high visibility. Track your accomplishments so that your achievement and growth is being known.

  3. Share Your Successes

    Don’t expect influential people to just know about your successes—tell them what you’ve achieved, and explain how it benefits the company. If you feel awkward telling senior managers about your successes, try this: Check in periodically to inform them about the trajectory of your project and what you hope to accomplish. That way they’ll be expecting to hear about the results, and when you succeed, it will feel perfectly natural to give them a call to share the good news.

  4. Find Powerful Advocates

    Branding isn’t just about knowing powerful people; it’s about making sure they know who you are and what you have to offer. Find powerful advocates both inside and outside your company who will spread the word about your accomplishments. Think outside the box about who to enlist as your advocates.

  5. Network, Network, Network

    Stay in frequent communication with influential people to maintain stronger relationships with them, and remember personal details about their lives. Hosting that major event can also provide ample opportunities for networking with people throughout your industry. Participate in industry conferences, too—they’re a top way to find new career opportunities.

When choosing a professional keynote speaker, in Las Vegas or anywhere else, know the theme you want the speaker to focus on. Then look for someone who studies the audience and crafts a speech that speaks to their needs. I tailored this talk to the needs of my audience, a corporation of employees in the middle stages of their careers. Look at examples of a speaker’s past presentations talks and consider whether they’re specific to the needs of the audience.

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