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Company Changes Causing Stress? Keynote Speaker at Las Vegas Convention Shares 6 Key Steps

Amidst downsizing and corporate change, Joel Garfinkle presented a keynote address to Las Vegas executives. As a motivational and professional speaker, Joel is well familiar with the stresses that come during company change.

Whether it be mergers, downsizing, or corporate realignment, there are six steps that can increase employee buy-in and reduce the time needed to change the structure, direction, or corporate culture. Joel’s professional address in Las Vegas, earned him high praise. Here is a brief recap.

  1. Start from the Top.

    Top level management needs to understand and be in full agreement with the change. Employees took to the top to find direction. If there is discord or reluctance at the top, all change will be slow and painful.Not only do they need to model the behavior, leaders need to create a specific plan for success and communicate it clearly to the rest of the company.

  2. Understand and Account for Company Culture.

    Assess and thoroughly understand your current company culture. Common attitudes, values, beliefs and shared history form the culture behind the company. Acknowledge they exist. Address them head on, especially if some of them must change. If possible build on the parts of the culture you want to keep to motivate and influence the change.Attendees at the Las Vegas conference asked the keynote speaker how they keep the essence of their company culture during change. Joel said, “You must be explicit about the company values and behaviors that best support your new model and communicate them often.”

  3. Involve Every Level.

    Once the plan is in place, you need to roll it down through the ranks. Explain and get buy in from leaders at each level of the company. Help them clearly understand what is expected, what their new roles will be, how they will be measured and what you want them to do for those below.The more you gain support at each cascading level the easier the change will be. This is an ideal time to identify potential future leaders and to discover those who may need to be replaced.

  4. Communicate Clearly.

    Don’t expect a single announcement to do the trick. You need to over communicate and be totally explicit on what’s expected at each level and each section. Make sure your messages are timely, inspiration, and practical.Don’t overload employees with an avalanche of information. Instead, present an overview, give them a timeline, and instruct as each stage rolls out. Share good results, encourage, and take the time to present solutions to any unexpected issues.

  5. Address the Individual.

    Of course, as leaders you tend to focus on the plan, the model and the overview. But all your success hinges on individuals taking action. Change is a personal journey. Listen to their concerns. Let communication flow up as well as down. Be honest and clear as you communicate. Understand that highly visible rewards encourage, and sanctions or firing those standing in the way of progress reinforces the need to change.Finally, Joel told the Las Vegas executives they needed to be flexible.

  6. Expect the Unexpected.

    Your great action plan is bound to run into some glitches. Be flexible enough to adjust. It may be you’ll find unexpected resistance. Or perhaps people will adapt more quickly. Create a way to reassess progress, address issues, and accurately pinpoint places that need a fresh approach.

Garfinkle received a positive reception in Las Vegas as shown by the extensive question and answer session later in the program. With change coming to many companies, the keynote address provided valuable information.

If you are looking for a professional keynote speaker for your next business convention be sure to contact Joel. He offers inspiring, motivational, and instructional presentations on a wide range of topics.

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