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3 Steps to Finding the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Event or Conference

A motivational keynote speaker is often the main focal point for your event or conference so you need to do your homework before hiring one. Here are three things you must know before you hire a motivational speaker so that you’re fully prepared and are able to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Start with the end in mind. If you’re in charge of hiring the speaker and are part of a team, get the group together to come up with some ideas. Decide what theme you want your event to revolve around before you start looking for speakers so you’ll have a better idea of what sort of keynote speaker you need. Brainstorm challenges your employees are currently facing. For example, if the team agrees that you need to develop better leaders, find a leadership training seminar speaker.
  2. What’s your budget? It’s important to ask yourself this question because you need to understand what they cost and the value they provide. You don’t want to skimp on the speaker’s fees as part of your budget for the event. Years down the line, your employees will still remember an effective keynote speaker who motivated them.
  3. Ask the right questions. In your hunt for the perfect speaker, recognize that most professional keynote speakers expect to be briefed by you or need certain information from you. This includes what you aim to get out of the event, the challenges your employees face, what your company goals are, what you expect from the motivational seminar, and more. Make sure you ask the right questions and carefully consider the answers to the questions you’re asked. This dialogue will help you decide which keynote speaker will be the best one for the job.

To summarize, first jot down the challenges your employees face and come up with a central theme to focus your event on. Second, filter your list of potential speakers to those that fit your budget, and third, conduct interviews with potential speakers to find one who meets all of your keynote speaker needs. Then, read these tips for giving the perfect keynote speaker introduction to get things off to a great start!

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