Keynote Speaker In Healthcare

How to Choose a Keynote Speaker in Healthcare

Maybe you’re looking for a keynote speaker for a healthcare industry event. Or maybe you’re looking for a speaker for a corporate event who can think outside of the box, since people learn best from what surprises them. In either case, a keynote speaker can draw on powerful stories from the field of healthcare to motivate employees.

  1. Look for experience speaking on human interest topics

    Stories from the world of healthcare have the power to pack a punch, connecting with the audience on a basic human level. Look for a speaker who is adept at addressing topics outside of the corporate world. You want someone who can speak on human interest subjects, either drawing on personal experience or on the lived experience of others. In other words, you want someone who thinks metaphorically and draws connections between the different realms of life. The speaker might also rely on his own experiences navigating the healthcare industry or supporting loved ones through this process. When a speaker provides these powerful stories, they will contain a lot of wisdom about the importance of perseverance, conviction, and teamwork.

  2. Seek out a speaker who shares reflective stories

    A good speaker shares stories and anecdotes that reveal deep self-reflection. In doing so, she helps audience members to envision the path they might walk to achieve greater success. Stories that share humbling lessons a healthcare practitioner learned on the job, or times when he’d almost given up, are far more powerful than stories that show a smooth journey to success. People will relate to and learn from the challenges other professionals have experienced on their journey, or that individuals have experienced on the road to healing. Speeches focused on healthcare should therefore share stories about approaching those hurdles.

  3. Choose a speaker who evokes a range of emotions

    Humor is an excellent quality in a keynote speaker dealing with the topic of healthcare. However, a story that’s only humorous will fall flat, lacking the emotional depth that would convey a more poignant lesson. When the speaker is dealing with matters of life and death—as a keynote speaker in the healthcare field probably is—humor alone would miss the powerful lessons embedded in her experiences. Look for a speaker who takes the audience through a range of emotions, from intense anxiety, rage, or sadness to laughter and elation. Sharing in those emotions will help the audience internalize the lessons the speaker is sharing.

Look at the speaking credentials of healthcare speakers who provide keynotes, and watch the speaker’s online videos to learn the range of subject matter they cover. Ask yourself if their topics are engaging, if they evoke a range of emotions, and if they convey a passion for self-discovery. Look for a speaker you would want as a mentor, because you’re essentially asking this person to mentor your people. He might only be standing in front of your employees for a brief while, but the lessons he shares will stay with your people much longer, if you choose well.

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