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A Leadership Conference Theme That Delivers

At a recent leadership conference, I spoke on how employees can project the confidence as leaders that will keep them moving up the ranks in their company. “The Confident Leader” makes a fantastic leadership conference theme, as all leaders need to hone their executive presence so they convey confidence and command respect as a leader. Here’s what a leadership conference centered on this theme can deliver.

  1. The Ability to Influence

    Leaders need the professional magnetism that makes others look to them for direction. Attending a training course on executive presence means being self-assured and projecting that confidence to others.

  2. Trust Your Gut Instincts

    Leaders must trust their knowledge base and instincts enough to think quickly on their feet, providing strong guidance even in stressful situations. They’re able to help all employees understand and embrace their company’s vision, and to make sure it gets carried out in actionable steps.

  3. Take on Increased Responsibility

    A confident leader continually strives to take on greater responsibility and higher-profile projects. A leadership conference on becoming a confident leader should coach employees on how to take on projects and responsibilities that will get them noticed. Becoming a great team leader is an excellent way to move up the corporate ladder, and this is exactly the type of strategy that conference workshops can provide guidance on.

  4. Take on Roles With High Visibility

    Leaders should practice taking on the different types of roles that those in higher-up leadership positions have to fill, which will also get them noticed. These include decision-making, interpersonal, and informational roles. Decision-making roles include creating innovative ideas, resolving conflict, allocating funds, and implementing changes. Interpersonal roles including leading teams, representing the company, and serving as a liaison. Informational roles include discovering opportunities and hurdles, making reports, and assigning responsibilities. Aspiring leaders should show they can handle this range of tasks that leaders are regularly called to manage.

  5. Navigation of Networks

    A leadership conference should also teach employees how to navigate industry networks to become more visible and influential. Navigating these social networks not only gives them opportunities for advancement, but helps them more effectively represent their company. They can take advantage of the connections in their network to boost their company’s visibility, gain clients, and discover innovative partnership opportunities, for example. The conference could share strategies for networking and coach employees on maintaining and making the most of these connections after they’ve made them.

Designing your leadership conference around the theme of becoming a confident leader will help each participant achieve her full potential. It will also result in a more productive workplace filled with employees who know how to assume greater responsibility. While striving to prove themselves capable of assuming greater authority, these employees will have more respect for authority as well, because they understand the importance of the chain of command. The high level of discipline and professionalism of such employees will improve any company’s productivity and bottom line.

For your next leadership conference, focus on showing leaders how to develop an executive presence which is critical to your company’s success.

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