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Learn Leadership Motivational Techniques of Top Companies

Leadership Motivational Techniques from Top Fortune 500 Companies!

What makes Apple Inc. one of the most admired companies in the world? Motivational leadership techniques used by Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs during his tenure have made Apple Inc. a leading company to work for. Here’s what Jobs revealed about his “marathon Monday meetings” in an exclusive interview with the senior editor of Fortune:

“When you hire really good people you have to give them a piece of the business and let them run with it. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to kibitz a lot. But the reason you’re hiring them is because you’re going to give them the reins. I want [them] making as good or better decisions than I would. So the way to do that is to have them know everything, not just in their part of the business, but in every part of the business.

“So what we do every Monday is we review the whole business. We look at what we sold the week before. We look at every single product under development, products we’re having trouble with, products where the demand is larger than we can make. All the stuff in development, we review. And we do it every single week. I put out an agenda—80% is the same as it was the last week, and we just walk down it every single week.”

Two-way communication is imperative to make employees feel like a genuine part of the corporate family, increase employee loyalty and understand what motivational leadership techniques you need to implement to motivate and retain your star employees.

A survey of fifty-five employees from Apple Inc. revealed that financial reward and personal growth highly affected employee motivation. Factors including job security, gaining authority and visibility moderately had impact on motivation levels and having a passion for the job or being proud of being a part of the organization also impacted motivation levels.

This proves that although monetary factors are a big incentive for people to join, it’s the non-monetary factors that actually keep them there.  In the case of Apple Inc. personal growth is a big motivating factor and you’ll find that true for many other organizations as well. Why? Simply because personal growth empowers employees with the tools they need to further their careers and control their future.

In recognition of this fact many top Fortune 500 companies invest in leadership growth seminars to motivate their people. An expert inspirational and personal growth speaker can start the two-way communication well before the seminar by doing the groundwork on what factors best motivate your people. With this crucial information in hand an effective speaker will dig deep and help provide your people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to help them grow professionally.

Leading Fortune 500 companies recognize that their employees are their true assets. Most corporations invest in leadership motivational techniques to encourage their staff to maintain a healthy work/life balance that leads to peak levels of performance. Through motivational speakers, they share tools like daily motivational techniques with their employees.

Some of the perks that top Fortune 500 companies offer their employees include more days of vacation time, relaxed work policies, positive work environment, compensation to finish a degree or further education, telecommuting, professional motivational seminars, and workplace recreational facilities including an on-site gym, corporate massages, or a workplace daycare.

If you’re the executive director or the head of HR for your corporation, and you’re actively looking for ways to increase employee morale and loyalty, invest in personal growth seminars and leadership training programs is a definite step in the right direction.

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