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3 Things Employees Need to Hear in a Leadership Training Seminar

By Joel Garfinkle

You’ve just hired a bunch of new employees. What’s the best way to get them fired up to perform? One of the most effective and tried-and-tested methods that most leading corporations use is calling in an experienced keynote and seminar speaker to fire up their employees and future company leaders.

Whether you’re looking to hire someone to speak at a leadership training seminar in Colorado or California, the rules of what your new employees need to hear don’t change.

From state to state or from one nation to another, one thing is certain—work productivity and job satisfaction increases when employees are motivated to do the job.

Many Fortune 500 companies and top organizations like Cisco Systems, Oracle, and Wells Fargo hire an effective keynote speaker and coach because they recognize how important it is to always keep their new employees, supervisors, managers, and executive leaders motivated and armed with new tools and innovative ideas to help them get ahead in their own careers and become valuable assets to the organization.

Here are three things your new employees need to hear in a leadership training seminar to get them inspired to roll up their sleeves and get to work:

  1. Improve Perception: How others perceive you is critical to your success. Your employees will learn how to create the right image by asking, “How do people react to my behavior?” They’ll learn to pay attention to how they interact with others and how their behavior affects their boss and co-workers. They’ll learn tips on making a conscious effort to avoid negative behaviors and associate with people who are perceived positively by others. They’ll also be inspired to develop the confidence to take on a leadership role.
  2. Increase Visibility: Standing out and getting noticed is equally important. With employees from different cultures and varied personalities, not everyone is comfortable with self-promotion. I’ll provide transformative tips to give employees the confidence they need to speak up in meetings, get others to talk about their contributions and successes, show upper management the value they provide to them, and look out for project opportunities that will give them increased visibility.
  3. Exert Influence: Using influence to get ahead is vital. Your employees will learn that influence is not just reserved for CEOs, managers, and others with a prestigious title. I will empower your staff with key tools to engage and interact with influential senior management and show them the importance of recruiting advocates to promote their cause. With this newfound knowledge, they’ll be able to reach star employee status. For instance, when he recently visited New Brunswick, Canada speaking on the subject of influence, employees learned the keys to developing leadership presence and becoming persuasive leaders who catalyze real change.

The most effective speakers understand that in any workshop or corporate training, leadership skills training program, or seminar, you must have your audience asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” You want to focus on how to help your people grow as individuals and leaders, not tell them they need to do this and that to improve the company’s productivity levels. Inspire your people to be fearless action-taking leaders, and you’re bound to see a jump in performance.

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