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Male Motivational Speaker

Three Skills Men Use to Strengthen Their Leadership

Joel Garfinkle has addressed all female and all male audiences as a motivational speaker. In corporate training courses for companies such as Oracle, Genentech, Marriott Hotels and Wells Fargo Bank, Garfinkle has learned some distinctions in leadership styles between genders.

These are not “right” or “wrong” styles. They are just different. But as men come to understand their distinctive orientation, they can build to their strengths or modify their weaknesses. In his role as a male motivational speaker, Garfinkle offers some specific advice for men. These practical tips will help you become a better leader.

Direct Communication. Men tend to provide precise directions and clear specifics on what they want. The strength of this method is that they can address difficult issues head on. The downside is that it can reduce innovative thinking and can create resistance as negative points are addressed without subtlety.

Garfinkle says men can invite innovation in their communications by encouraging freer discussion and give and take. They may also find better results in performance reviews as they use praise along with the criticism.

Focus on Performance. Success comes as each part of a unit performs optimally and men tend to focus on measurable performance. This performance emphasis may be useful in identifying rising stars and potential mentors. All great leaders recognize the importance of performing at the ultimate level.

When performance is overly praised and rewarded, however, it may lead to competition that harms the organization. Members may keep information close to the chest to not give others an advantage. Loyalty may go to the strongest leader instead of to the company—with little competing fiefdoms established in organizations.

Men can modify this tendency by encouraging collaboration. Leaders may combine employees from different units to join a project. Male leaders may also want to give consideration to the way their system motivates and rewards success so they can turn it to more of a team effort. Using motivational stories on sports or other topics, a motivational speaker can bring that message home.

Organizational Structure. Men often prefer a hierarchal structure that makes delegation of authority easier and compartmentalizes responsibilities. However, it can lead to employee stagnation—where they find it safer to just do their task rather than step out with new ways to solve a problem. Workers may feel restricted by layers of senior management to whom they must defer for approval. This can slow problem solving and cause loss of opportunity when a quick decision is needed.

When Garfinkle offers motivations speeches to male leaders, he encourages them to consider a more collegial atmosphere. When cooperation and collaboration works both across teams and up the management levels, ideas and solutions are free to surface and be evaluated on merit, not the status of the presenter. It is a skillful balance between workers understanding their role and accountability and having the freedom to leapfrog above a stogy manager to make their solution known.

Men and women can both be excellent leaders and use their natural gifts to guide their organizations. A male motivational speaker can speak to the strengths of male leaders… and guide them in ways they can improve. Understanding where natural tendencies also create limitations—and learning how to overcome them, just as women must overcome their own challenges--helps every leader rise to their best potential.

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