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Management Training Course Teaches Confident Leadership

Looking for a motivational training for your star employees? Learn the skills Joel Garfinkle teaches to companies such as Eli Lilly, Oracle, Cisco, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and Wells Fargo Bank in his management leadership training courses. His course on Executive Presence is much in demand as a key skill for management.

Up and coming leaders as well as experienced executives may have trouble exhibiting confidence. Especially confidence they may not feel. Yet your employees will not follow an “uncertain call.”

It’s one thing to have confidence in doing your job well, and another in having the confidence to lead others. In the training course, Joel teaches why confidence is one of the keys to great leadership and how to develop that skill within you. It’s an attribute that gets you noticed by both your employees and by upper management.

  1. The importance of self-confidence

    While some suggest you “fake it til you make it,” you know you feel like a fraud when you do that. And you’re terribly afraid someone will call you on it or you’ll make a mistake. Instead, build your confidence one layer at a time.

      • Take confidence in what you know.

        You’ve been doing the job for a while. You have a deep working knowledge of the culture, the organization, the team, and your job.

      • Recognize the value of your abilities.

        Not only are you bringing good things to the table, you need to acknowledge the full value of how your abilities contribute to the overall value of the company. Trace your contribution through to the revenues that ultimately make the company profitable.

        • For example, if you are in customer service, recognize that when you satisfy that customer they continue to buy. They may tell someone else about your excellent service. Each purchase contributes to company profits. If you work in sales, when you build a relationship with a customer, they purchase a service that will deliver value for both your team and that customer.
      • Be confident in what you accomplish.

        Sometimes there’s a tendency to downplay our work. We may think, if we can do it, anyone can do it. Not so. Your unique gifts, talents, skills and abilities allowed you to accomplish this work. Stand up for it. Take credit. Be confident.

        • Management at the leadership training courses Joel teaches appreciate his emphasis on growing confidence and seeking out mission critical work.
  2. Delivering on mission critical work

    After you have the confidence to do your current work, step up to building a leadership role within your team. The next layer in becoming a confident leader is to seek out assignments in high profile jobs. Joel explains how to do this in his training courses.Now, you’re putting your experience to work in projects with higher visibility. This naturally elevates your status. People perceive you as being on a leadership track. You have a chance to report to higher management and gain recognition as being both capable and competent. Improved perception and visibility lead to greater influence in your organization.

  3. Leading with confidence.

    Can you see how your confidence with your job and the confidence of others about your work naturally grow into leading with confidence? You gain the trust and respect of your co-workers as they recognize your expertise. You increase in leadership confidence as your supervisors and other management see your jobs well done. Your higher skill levels make it easy for you to build consensus, move projects forward, and increase your effectiveness as a leader.

A motivational speaker like Joel can help participants see the strengths and leadership qualities they already possess. And he can inspire confidence for them to move forward to the next step up.

Reach out to Joel Garfinkle to hire him for an upcoming management and leadership training course.

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