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3 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress with a Motivational Seminar

Did you know that stress at the workplace costs America a whopping $200 billion every year? That’s billions of dollars lost annually due to absence and sick leave, lack of productivity, losing your star employees and more. If you’re noticing these tell-tale signs at your organization, you can build employee loyalty and increase productivity by lowering the level of stress your employees face on the job.

First, recognize the sources of stress and try to understand how these causes affect employee behavior and productivity. Take note if certain employees seem to be irritable and difficult to communicate with. Do they hinder others from doing their jobs? Providing initiatives to help your staff manage stress can dramatically improve performance levels and positively impact your bottom line.

What are some of the ways that managers can empower their employees to do the best job possible? Encourage employees to take a break and not stay at work too long after hours. Motivate employees to manage their time efficiently and maintain deadlines to reduce last-minute time crunches. Cultivate an environment open to learning, asking questions, and providing feedback.

You may find that even after all you and your top managers do, a helping hand may be required to bring much-needed change at all levels of your organization. This is the perfect opportunity to host a motivational seminar and request an inspirational speaker to come in to drive change in your organization.

Here are three ways a motivational seminar can help reduce stress at your workplace:

  1. Empower employees to find work-life balance. An expert motivational speaker can teach your staff how to deal with overpowering work pressure and the constant demands of the job by giving employees tried-and-true techniques for finding the optimum work-life balance to succeed in both work and life. The speech can delve into stress-reducing strategies for self-care, for instance. Armed with this knowledge, they’ll be able to manage time efficiently, reduce overtime, and protect themselves against stressful situations.
  2. Provide intelligent strategies to increase productivity. Experienced speakers have more than just a good speech up their sleeve. A seasoned speaker will teach your people innovative techniques they can implement right away to double their productivity levels including prioritizing work, delegating tasks, dealing with interruptions, and much more.
  3. Help them unlearn bad habits. Often the first step to change is to unlearn or break bad behavior and habits built up over time. An effective speaker has strategies to help employees recognize common habits that can be huge time-wasters and hinder work productivity. Practical, hands-on solutions that can be used right away are offered to help employees reprogram the way they’ve been doing things to increase their satisfaction, both on and off the job.

Happy, de-stressed employees mean less absenteeism, improved employee loyalty, and higher levels of work productivity–all in all a win-win for you and your staff.

Joel Garfinkle is a California keynote speaker, author and executive coach. He is the author of seven transformational books and speaks on many popular topics including getting ahead at work, leadership and management skills, creating work-life balance, and more.

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