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5 Ways Motivational Speakers and Authors Can Empower Your Top Leaders

Top leaders with hectic schedules often don’t maximize their full potential, which means they don’t get the most from their people. They may overlook their people’s accomplishments, bringing down morale. Investing in motivational speakers and authors can help leaders feel more fulfilled and appreciated, boosting job satisfaction and empowering all employees to shine in their current positions.

In my programs “Executive Presence” and “Release Untapped Potential of Your Underutilized Leaders,” for instance, I strive to catalyze continued growth that reignites leaders’ passion and enthusiasm for their work. In turn, this helps them rekindle their employees’ sense of purpose and drive.

By helping these leaders to feel more engaged and empowered at work, a great motivational speech or training will boost engagement throughout your company. Keep them on the continuous development path by bringing in top-notch motivational speakers as well as authors for leadership training, webinars, and workshops.

In these five ways, these motivational experts can increase leaders’ engagement and empowerment, helping them cultivate the key qualities of a great boss.

What expert motivational speakers and authors can teach leaders:

  1. Most employees know their jobs better than their leaders do.

    They are the ones who are doing the work day in and day out. The best way to find out how to improve an employee’s job is to ask him. Many employees can tell you exactly what they need to be more efficient and effective at doing their jobs.

  2. When employees excel at their jobs, it makes their leader look good.

    Leaders who encourage their employees to develop their skills and make the best use of their strengths to advance the goals of the company will shine right along with their employees. Motivational speakers can train leaders to get their employees to perform their best work rather than feeling threatened by talented employees out of fear that they will outshine their bosses.

  3. Leaders will learn how to provide the support their employees need to do their jobs well.

    This includes providing the proper training, tools, and resources so that the employee has everything needed to do the job right. A smart and experienced motivational speaker can outline new strategies for success, helping leaders think about long-term direction. The best leadership trainers consult with organizational leaders about their specific needs in order to leave them with the most vital tools for success.

  4. Leaders can motivate employees to do their best work by helping them feel important.

    When employees feel that the work they are doing really matters, they put more effort into it than if they think they are just doing busy work. Good bosses know what it takes to make their employees feel genuinely appreciated.

  5. Positive feedback is a powerful tool.

    Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to give their all and do their best possible work. Leaders should try to provide feedback in a manner that does not shatter their employees’ self-esteem. Through a motivational leadership training, they can learn to provide suggestions in an instructive way, such as, “This would be even better if,” and make sure their employees have the tools and training they need to make the suggested improvements.

Motivational speakers motivate leaders

Just as leaders can motivate employees to do their best work, a motivational speaker will inspire your leaders. A motivated leader will be fired up to do her best work and enable her star employees to do their best work too. From California to Virginia, motivational speakers provide the inspiration your leaders need to empower their employees and make them shine.

If you want a leadership training that drives results, hire Joel to speak to your people. He’ll give your leaders the tools to become truly inspirational leaders for others!

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