What Do Motivational Speakers Charge? Speaking Rates

Motivational Speaker Rates: What Do Motivational Speakers Charge

The rates that motivational speakers charge vary greatly depending on the speaker’s experience and skill. A highly sought-after speaker who can get your audience fired up, stimulate new ideas and insights, and motivate your people to improve their performance, leading to higher profits and measurable results, will have higher fees than someone who is less well-known. Location can also play a part in speakers’ rates: Virginia motivational speakers may be less expensive than speakers from California, for example, due to the lower cost of living and doing business in that state.

Leading keynote speakers’ rates may total $4,000 to $10,000 per speaking engagement, while new or average speakers may charge much less. Keep in mind that the fee is an investment, and you’ll get what you pay for.

Why I'm the Right Motivational Speaker for Your Event

I work hard to customize each program to the organization, conducting in-depth interviews with the event coordinators and at least two participants in order to target my message to the unique needs of the company. I strive to understand the culture of the company and learn about the issues employees are facing. This allows me to integrate their stories into my presentation and directly speak to their needs.

Here are some of the things you can expect when you hire me as the motivational speaker for your conference or seminar:

  1. Audience participation.

    I will engage your employees through audience participation exercises such as peer group discussion, sample coaching sessions, partner and group exercises, interactive sessions with other participants, question-and-answer sessions, and more. This makes for a dynamic presentation that keeps people engaged and learning from beginning to end, while giving them a deeper understanding of how to implement solutions.

  2. Return on investment.

    I won’t just get your workforce fired up and leave them wondering what to do next. I’ll give them solid action steps and practical tools that they can implement immediately and apply to their current challenges at work. For example, in my program called “Developing Influential Leaders: Five Traits That Create High-Impact Leadership,” I give participants clear steps they can immediately start using to influence people with authority in their company. The in-depth interviews I conduct well before the speaking engagement itself always inform the specific advice I give them.

  3. No-fluff style.

    I pack a lot of content into my presentations, providing tips, ideas, and advice that employees can easily implement. I don’t pad my seminars with fluff. I get right to the point, hitting on the key issues that employees are experiencing and how to resolve them.

As an executive coach, I have gained firsthand knowledge from working with executives, directors, senior managers, and employees at some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world, such as Google, Oracle, Starbucks, Microsoft, Motorola, Visa, and Eli Lilly. The knowledge I’ve accumulated through years of coaching gives me the real-life experience to deliver thought-provoking stories that inspire employees to take action.

I’m also the author of seven books and am frequently featured in the national media, including ABC News and NPR. I have been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, The New York Times, Newsweek, and many other publications. I have conducted seminars for some of the world’s most successful companies, and I have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide exactly what your employees need to make them more productive, more motivated, and more satisfied with their work.

Motivational Speaking Rates

What I charge for motivational speaking depends on the type and length of the program. Fill out the form on the contact page to request more information about my training programs, motivational speeches, and rates.

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