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5 Tips to Getting a Great ROI when Hiring Motivational Speakers for Corporate Events

by Joel Garfinkle

Are you having a hard time deciding between several corporate motivational speakers for your upcoming company event? Perhaps you’re not sure how to choose the one that will best suit your needs? Let’s get right down to business and focus on the bottom line. Sure, you want somebody who can inspire, invigorate, encourage, and motivate, but you also need someone who can boost revenue by cultivating superior employee performance.

Recognize that effective motivational professional speakers are more than just people who know how to fire up an audience and give a good speech. They are work place experts who have an extensive amount of hands-on knowledge.

With that being said you can’t just pick anyone who calls themselves a motivational professional public speaker to make presentation for your employees. Here are five tips to help you choose the best motivational speaker for your corporate event:

  1. Perform a background check: If you’ve already got some names of motivational speakers for your corporate event jotted down, do your homework and due diligence. Go online and check out their experience, credentials and testimonials. Make sure the speaker you choose understands the audience you have in mind. The speaker that motivates your sales force might not be the right choice for high level executives.
  2. Established author and expert. Check to see if the people you’re considering are both inspirational speakers and authors. If you find that the professional speaker has authored one or more books, order and read the book. This will help you ascertain the knowledge and experience of the person you’re potentially hiring. Look for positive testimonials penned by others, which indicate that you’ve found a winner.
  3. See them in action. As you’re narrowing down your search for the ideal motivational inspirational business speaker, one important thing to check and see is if they offer any videos on their website or have a YouTube channel where you can see them perform. A video can give you a sneak peak at the speaker’s stage presence, language and energy, and how they’ll come across to your audience.
  4. Keep your goal in mind. Sure, effective professional speakers can have many years of experience and great credentials under their belt, but are they capable of presenting practical tips and tools that your employees can use as soon as they get back to their desks? You’re looking for more than just charisma, inspiration and motivation; you’re looking for a motivational speaker who has the right strategies to fire up your employees, drive them to take positive action, and help them with career success.
  5. Who’s in their client list? If you’re a Fortune 500 company holding an event for top level executives you want someone who knows what it takes to speak at a gathering of that caliber. Most professional speakers will showcase a list of their best clients and offer client testimonials on their website. Pay attention to the names on that list. If many familiar names stand out, chances are this is a speaker who is in demand by top-notch companies.

If you’re contemplating hiring a professional speaker for your next convention, conference, or special event, look no further than Joel Garfinkle. Joel focuses not only on the presentation at hand but on the long-term benefits he can provide your employees in the form of step-by-step actions they can implement instantly. Your employees will leave with innovative skills, leadership training, and progressive strategies to better handle everyday challenges they face in the workplace.

Joel understands the importance of your bottom line. Through extensive research, he customizes his presentations to fit your audience and address any key issues your employees have to boost performance levels, motivate, and deliver results.

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