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Motivational Speakers: Your Secret Weapon

At some point, everyone could use a potent dose of inspiration. To fulfill their roles in the company, your employees need to be inspired. The US Census Bureau regards independent motivational speakers as individuals who primarily engage in artistic productions. A true artist is creative, imaginative, and talented. Excellent motivational speakers around the country—from Las Vegas to Denver to Philadelphia—are talented as well. They know what it takes to motivate and uplift their audiences. Here is some advice on finding the ideal motivational speaker:

  1. Identify the primary problem. Are your managers and supervisors in need of leadership training? Do their subordinates show signs of disinterest in their work? Is there a drop in your marketing department’s creativity? Or, do you simply want to give all your employees a dose of motivation?
  2. Search for a speaker specific to your employees’ needs. For example, if they require leadership training, your motivational speaker will need to understand the attributes of an effective leader: objective vision, authoritative speech, persuasive charisma, and a keen understanding of human nature.
  3. Investigate the potential speaker’s credibility. A credible speaker will be able to state his merits and prove them. View demonstration videos of his speaking events. Read testimonials and inspect the reputability of his client list. See if he has professional written publications on the art of motivational speaking; if so, this is a plus.
  4. Sense the speaker’s intentions. Does he appear genuinely interested in improving your employees? Or, does he seem to be in it only for the cash? Follow your intuition, and pay attention to how your gut reacts to him.
  5. Consider searching outside of your city or state. Let’s say your business is located in Denver, Colorado. There may be hundreds of motivational speakers in Denver; however, none of them may suit your needs. Taking extra time to search outside of your area for the speaker who best meets your criteria may be what saves your business.

Passion, drive, and commitment are the keys to the survival of any firm. As one of the top 50 coaches in the United States, Joel Garfinkle has mastered the art of motivational speaking. From creative solutions to leadership training, Joel strives to accelerate his clients’ growth.

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