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Best Motivational Speakers in Eastern Canada

Top Leaders in Your Eastern Canadian Company Need Motivational Speakers at Your Next Corporate Event

A masterful motivational speaker can change the dynamics of your company. Whether you do business in Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada—or anywhere in the world—the right motivational speaker can lift productivity, solve problems, and create a more desirable workplace.

Choose the motivational speaker that’s best for your business

You can’t simply choose the most convenient motivational speaker and expect him or her to lead your company to greater success. Your speaker needs powerful qualities to make that difference happen.

Look for speakers with these five qualities:

  1. Your speaker understands your specific company. He or she takes the time to research your goals, values, needs, and desired outcomes. If your proposed speaker doesn’t request detailed information and conduct multiple interviews to determine how to best serve your company… keep looking.
  2. Your speaker interacts with the audience. Lectures put everyone to sleep.  Ask for videos so you can see your prospective motivational speaker in action.  Do they have break-out sessions, discussions, role modeling, exercises with partners and in groups, and time for personal reflection? Can you see that the audience is engaged and participating in the learning process?
  3. Your speaker motivates the audience to change.  Everyone loves to feel good. And most motivational speakers can give that lift of hope. Great motivational speakers put that hope deep into the heart of each hearer. Your workers grab it and make it their own. They become convinced improvement is possible, desirable, and will lead to their personal success as well as the betterment of the company. That’s how leading keynote speakers inspire lasting change.
  4. Your speaker offers specific steps to success. Vague dreams of achievement are doomed to failure.  Choose a motivational speaker who shows HOW to make the changes. Do they offer useful tips, specific action steps, and new skills that can be put to use immediately?   The ideal speaker leaves your people with tools to start solving work challenges right away.
  5. Your speaker can follow up with one-on-one executive coaching. Group settings create synergism and excitement to move forward and solve problems.  However, seminars can’t always address the deeper problems that may be holding some of your great talent back from their best performances. Follow up with personal coaching of key executives to increase productivity and promote company success.

Whether you’re in Eastern Canada or Denver, Colorado, you need leadership training and consulting that drives results, not just a feel-good pep talk. Your best motivational speaker understands your company’s goals and needs because of detailed research. He or she tailors the message and motivates your employees to want to take on and solve challenges. After participating in the seminar, your people understand new skills and are eager to put them into action to get results.

While visiting New Brunswick, Canada, as a motivational speaker, I delivered a speech on the five steps to developing influential leadership. Here, as in workplaces across the continent, employees needed to understand how to develop the power to persuade and cultivate leadership presence. That’s the kind of impact a powerful speech has—it helps promising employees to blossom into all-star leaders.

When weighing the pros and cons of a motivational speaker you’re considering, don’t focus too strongly on location. Don’t limit your search of motivational speakers to Eastern Canada, or to your local area.  Your company deserves the power that comes from a top tier speaker—someone with the dynamics to change the thinking and actions of your people so they want to work hard for you. Whether you’re looking for a motivational speaker for women in business or a trainer for all your employees, choose someone with a proven track record of helping companies succeed.

For a masterful speaker that meets all the above criteria, simplify your work and call on Joel Garfinkle.  Check out his speaking programs. Watch him on video. See him in person as he leads your company to new heights.

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