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Motivational Sport Speaker

Motivating Business Leaders through Sports Stories

Joel Garfinkle gives motivational speeches to business men and women throughout the country. While business and sports may seem worlds apart, powerful sports stories have application to the business arena as well.

Great motivational speakers use stories to help people visualize success. See how these sports stories have insights and power to motivate both on the sports field and in the office.

The Power of Extra Effort
Carli Lloyd impressed the world with the greatest goal in US Soccer history in the 2015 World Cup matches. But her extra effort began years before in 2003. Dejected from defeat, she was about to give up.

But a new coach, James Galanis, saw her potential and worked with her. Their twice-a-day sessions even practiced the mid-field goal kick. She was determined to out-practice everyone else.

During the soccer season, Galanis sent her extra fitness and skill work on top of the work done with her team, the NWSL’s Houston Dash. Off-season, they reverted to her twice-a-day workouts—seven days a week, even on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Carli’s fame didn’t come in 2003… or 2005… or 2010. But the practice paid off as she scored six goals in the final four games of World Cup 2015—including an astonishing mid-field goal!

In business, your extra work may not show results today or tomorrow.  But, given time, you will gain the advantage to outperform your competition as well. Like many sports stars, you’ll learn to accomplish what once seemed impossible.

The Power of the Broader Picture
In 2013 the Dodgers just lost a game 4-0 to the Giants. Matt Kempt said it was a miserable defeat in the Giant’s home stadium. But in the stands was a young Dodger fan with a terminal illness.

After the game, Matt went over to the boy and gave him a signed baseball and his cap. Then he took off his Dodger’s shirt and shoes and gave them to the boy as well.

“It was a bad game,” Kempt said, “The worst. And sometimes you want to get mad. But someone else’s life is way worse than what you have going on. Those things humble you and keep you grounded.”

Looking at the bigger picture can help people in sports-- and in business-- weather the storms of losses and down-turns.

The Power of Persistence
Natalie du Toit from South Africa was poised to go to the Olympics in 2001. Instead, she was in an auto accident and lost her left leg below the knee.

This swimmer didn’t let that slow her down. Competing against able-bodied swimmers, Natalie won gold in the All-Africa games in the 800 meter freestyle. Natalie went on to dominate the 2004 and 2008 Paralympics winning a total of 10 gold metals. And in 2008 she once again qualified for the Summer Olympics. She came in 16th in the women’s 10km race.

Both in business and in sports, we can find many reasons for giving up or accepting losses. But we can also be inspired to persist and win.

Speakers who tell motivational sports stories bring conviction and power to their talks. They use vivid images to inspire their audience to excel. Look for a speaker you can watch in action via online videos, to make sure you choose someone with a proven track record of success.

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