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“Come On Baby, Light My Fire”

By Joel Garfinkle

That’s what a lot of companies and managers are saying today as they look for ways to motivate and excite employees who are overworked, tired, scared—or all of the above. Joel Garfinkle, a keynote speaker who has spoken in Orlando, Florida, has the fire you’re looking for.

While all good keynote speakers have great style and presence, that’s only the beginning. Joel offers your company that—and much, much more. Your employees will enjoy:

  • A highly interactive experience
  • Tips and techniques they can use immediately
  • On-the-spot personal coaching

What makes Joel different from any other Orlando, Florida keynote speaker? For starters, he doesn’t just talk about abstract concepts—he walks the talk. He personifies the executive presence he’ll teach your employees to acquire. Here are some of the principles he lives by.

  • Create work-life balance. According to Joel, long hours and work overload might well be the curse of the working class. Instead, he teaches employees how to double their productivity by creating a balance between work, play, family time, and self care. Setting priorities, managing information overload, and delegating mundane tasks are just a few of the skills your employees will learn.
  • Perception is reality. Joel believes that a person’s success depends largely on how he or she is perceived by others. He teaches people how to assess their own strengths and weaknesses so they can create positive perceptions among their managers and co-workers.  By learning to ask for and use constructive feedback, they will have the skill to turn negatives into positives and communicate their successes to others.
  • See yourself as a gift. Everyone has talents, but how many people know how to fully express those talents on the job? People go along to get along in today’s workplace, letting the fear factor hold them back from showing who they really are. This robs them of job satisfaction and robs the company of potentially exceptional performers. Joel’s nine-point plan teaches them to assess their own strengths and unlock their full potential.
  • Confidence creates leadership. People are not necessarily born with executive presence—it is a skill to be learned. Joel will teach your employees how to take initiative, assume greater responsibility, and thus become significant contributors to the company’s bottom line. Presenting concepts from his highly-acclaimed book, Executive Presence, Joel lays out a simple plan to help employees grow into strategic thinkers with the confidence they need to reach the top.

Undoubtedly there are dozens of good keynote speakers in Orlando, Florida. Joel Garfinkle is not just good—he is exceptional. Jim Keene, a senior executive at Wells Fargo, says, “I recommend any organization that wants to get the most from its people to hire Joel Garfinkle to accomplish that.”

“The time to hesitate is through. No time to wallow in the mire. . Come on baby, light my fire!” Light your employees’ fire today. Contact Joel to schedule a presentation.

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