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Training workshops matters. But a corporate leadership development workshop may be a one-time event. How do your leaders keep the momentum going?

Joel provides a variety of resources to facilitate continued growth for all his participants. As a nationally-recognized executive coach, he has written a library of more than 50 articles on a wide variety of leadership topics. This is the information your people can draw on whenever they are faced with a new challenge or an opportunity for advancement.

Use these articles as kick-off material in discussion groups or staff meetings. Share with peers, bosses, and subordinates. As long as the contact information, copyright notice, and links (if published online) remain intact, these articles can be reprinted freely.

Three Skills Men Use to Strengthen Their Leadership

These three types of male leadership styles bring inherent strengths and weaknesses. Find out how to overcome the limitations to become a stronger leader.

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Keynote Speakers Are Required To Do These Three Things

Strong speakers do more than entertain or create enthusiasm. They must also do these three things to leave audiences empowered and motivated to change. Then employees leave with the skills to improve and the belief they can succeed.

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3 Things Audiences Need to Hear from an International Christian Motivational Business Speaker

Selecting an international Christian motivational business speaker for your organization can be a daunting task. Here are three tips that will help you find the best business speaker for your organization.

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Accomplish the Impossible with a Motivational Speaker

We've all heard stories about motivated powerhouses that accomplish the impossible. You are just as capable as they are! With a motivational speaker, you too can accomplish the impossible.

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5 Ways a Motivational Speaker Can Help Your Company

At times of transition, an effective motivational speaker can be the change agent that management needs to ensure a productive outcome for the company. Discover five ways that motivational speakers can help you influence and manage change in your organization.

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7 Creative Ways a Keynote Speaker Helped Employees Learn to Get Ahead

7 creative ways a keynote speaker helped employees learn to get ahead. Apply these important options so you don’t get overlooked at work.

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On the Road as a Keynote Speaker, 5 Pitfalls Can Ruin a Speech

For a keynote speaker, making the room work for you is essential. Here are five important factors that can make or break even a really good speech.

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3 Ways to Keep Employees Excited After the Motivational Speaker Leaves

Whether you are in California or Virginia, motivational speakers are an amazing tool to get your employees excited. However, what happens after the speaker has left? Here are 3 ways to keep your employees excited after the motivational speaker leaves.

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Learn How Joel Utilized His Executive Coaching Into The Opportunity To Become An Inspirational Speaker

We often think of striving for a better career as something that is risky. Because of the perceived risk, we settle for where we are professionally. However, a new career opportunity doesn't mean you have to leave you current career. Instead, your current job can be the catalyst, opening up new career opportunities all around you.

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The Top 4 Motivational Tips I Shared as a Speaker in Texas

Several years ago, renowned singer and Texas songwriter Lyle Lovett was asked about what it takes to be a Texan gentleman. Motivational speaker Joel Garfinkle contrasts Lyle Lovett's list with the qualities of a great leader.

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Motivational Speaker Rates: What Do Motivational Speakers Charge?

The rates that motivational speakers charge vary greatly depending on the speaker's experience and skill. A highly sought-after speaker who can get your audience fired up, stimulate new ideas and insights, and motivate your people to improve their performance, leading to higher profits and measureable results, will charge more than someone who is less well-known.

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The #1 Leadership Skill Training Course is Executive Presence

This leadership skill training course on Executive Presence will provide your leaders with the #1 leadership skill you need to grow and become a next-level leader.

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Motivational Keynote Speaker Shares Top 5 Leadership Qualities of the Most Successful

Keynote motivational speakers and leadership coaches know that there are certain qualities you absolutely must possess in order to be an outstanding leader. Learn the five qualities that are the hallmark of a successful leader and take steps to implement them today.

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The #1 Tip I Give Women Leaders as a Special Event Speaker at Conventions and Conferences

The #1 tip I give women as a special event speaker at conventions and conferences is to speak up and make your presence known. This article provides 5 more tips.

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The Ten Commandments of Finding the Right Leadership Skill Training

Do you want to lead your people to have the best leadership training? Before spending thousands on ineffective leadership training programs, etch these Ten Commandments in your mind’s tablet to find leadership skill training that’ll work for you.

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Modern Motivational Speakers Give Employees the Tools they Need to Change

The first step to helping your company get ahead is to help your employees get ahead. Here are three ways that hiring a modern motivational speaker can help increase productivity levels, employee fidelity, and your ROI.

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