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Training workshops matters. But a corporate leadership development workshop may be a one-time event. How do your leaders keep the momentum going?

Joel provides a variety of resources to facilitate continued growth for all his participants. As a nationally-recognized executive coach, he has written a library of more than 50 articles on a wide variety of leadership topics. This is the information your people can draw on whenever they are faced with a new challenge or an opportunity for advancement.

Use these articles as kick-off material in discussion groups or staff meetings. Share with peers, bosses, and subordinates. As long as the contact information, copyright notice, and links (if published online) remain intact, these articles can be reprinted freely.

Top Leaders in Your Eastern Canadian Company Need Motivational Speakers at Your Next Corporate Event

A masterful motivational speaker can change the dynamics of your company. Whether you do business in Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada... or anywhere in the world, the right motivational speaker can lift productivity, solve problems, and create a more desirable workplace.

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5 Ways Motivational Speakers and Authors Can Empower Your Top Leaders

It is important that managers don't get caught up in their hectic schedules and overlook the importance of the work their employees do. You can help your managers empower their employees by bringing in motivational speakers and by encouraging your managers to read books by motivational authors.

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5 Ways Business & Motivation Training Will Help Your Leadership Advance

In my corporate training workshops, I give leaders tools they can start using right away to grow their influence and enhance their impact. Read this article so you can apply these 5 leadership skills back at work.

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5 Things You Can Learn from Bad Motivational Speakers and Speeches

There are two kinds of speeches by motivational speakers that can evoke strong emotional reactions and leave you breathless: one that is highly inspiring and prompts you to take action, and one that is so badly executed that it makes your jaw drop. Here are five things you can learn from a really bad speech.

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Keynote Speaker Needed? 3 Steps to Hire for Your Next Corporate Event

The right (or wrong) keynote speaker can make or break your event. Find out the four things you need to know before you go out and hire a keynote speaker for your next event.

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A Great Motivational Speaker Can Alter an Audience’s Brain Chemistry

As an audience sits spellbound by the speaker before them, something magical happens: Listeners' spirits soar, their skin tingles, and a world of new possibility opens. Psychologists call this uplift. When an entire group shares in their experience of uplift, it can grow into a self-reinforcing collective emotion called elevation-the goal of all great motivational speakers.

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3 Leadership Keys I Shared at a Training Seminar in Colorado

Whether you're looking to hire someone to speak at a leadership training seminar in Colorado or California, the rules of what your new employees need to hear don't change. Here are 3 things employees need to hear in a leadership training seminar.

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Develop Influential Leaders: A Business Leadership and Motivational Training Course

This article provides the 7 leadership traits to avoid and the 5 ways to excel as a leader when managing your employees. You’ll learn influential leadership and employee motivation.

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#1 Leadership Trait is Executive Presence Says Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

#1 leadership trait is Executive Presence Here are the four key aspects of executive presence I discuss in this speech: Techniques for Cultivating Executive Presence Learn the 4 key components that will help you develop a leaders executive presence. Radiate gravitas, act with authority, build a positive reputation and communicate powerfully.

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Why a Keynote Speaker Is a Good Motivator for Your Employees

Are your employees suffering from lack of motivation? If you’re noticing that employee morale is running dangerously low you need to take immediate action to show that you care. Here are 5 reasons to hire a keynote speaker as a motivator to bring transformative levels of motivation to your company.

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What Google Can Teach Us About Building Employee Loyalty?

Why was Google Inc. rated as the Number 1 company to work for by Fortune Magazine year after year? To find the answer and learn what you can do to build employee loyalty in your firm, read this article now.

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Professional Keynote Speaker Delivers Speech in Colorado on Executive Presence

This article focuses on executive presence. Learn the 5 ways to cultivate executive presence within yourself so you commands respect and confidence from others.

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Power of Perception Presentation as a Keynote Speaker in Denver

Power of perception presentation as a keynote speaker in Denver. This article provides 4 key ways to improve the perception of yourself as a leader.

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Top 5 Motivational Speaking Strategies That Leaders Should Develop

If you’re a manager wanting to motivate your employees, here are 5 top motivational speaking strategies that will help you inspire and energize your team.

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Leadership Motivational Techniques from Top Fortune 500 Companies!

How are some top corporations like Apple Inc. able to retain top employees and reach peak performance levels? Learn the secrets behind employee loyalty and high productivity levels at leading Fortune 500 companies.

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Keynote Speaker in Orlando, Florida Bolsters Company Morale

There are dozens of good keynote speakers in Orlando, Florida, but Joel Garfinkle is not just good--he is exceptional. Jim Keene, a senior executive at Wells Fargo, says, "I recommend any organization that wants to get the most from its people to hire Joel Garfinkle to accomplish that."

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