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Power of Perception Presentation as a Keynote Speaker in Denver

In my keynote speeches, audiences often want to know how to enhance the perception that others have of them in their organizations. In Q&A sessions after the talk, I often give personalized advice on how they can increase leaders’ and coworkers’ perception of them.

When I recently visited Denver as a keynote speaker for a professional association convention, I delivered my talk “The Power of Perception.” One of the audience members said he was stumped and couldn’t figure out how others perceived him. After I discussed how to get feedback from others, he formed a plan of action.

Here are four things I teach audiences when I do this talk.

  1. Evaluate perception vs. reality.

    Often the way we think we’re perceived—and the way we perceive ourselves—is way off track from how people actually perceive us. To start influencing how others perceive you, determine how you want to be perceived. Articulating your desired perception will help you pinpoint the changes you need to make in order to cultivate that perception.

  2. Recognize how others perceive them.

    This step can be painful, but it’s absolutely crucial. It involves getting both negative and positive feedback from a wide range of people throughout the workplace in order to truly understand how they perceive you. Bosses, clients, senior executives, coworkers, and direct reports all have valuable input.

  3. Communicate their value.

    To improve perception of yourself, you need to communicate the value and impact you bring to your company. You should always be ready to give a short “elevator speech” on what you do and what you’ve accomplished, in case you run into that top-tier CEO or your boss’s boss. Whenever you accomplish something, share the results with your boss, other leaders, and coworkers. Make sure your successes don’t go unnoticed.

  4. Identify traits that impact perception.

    Look at your personality traits and how they lead others to perceive you. Do you tend to be timid, or to come on too strong? Get feedback on when you should step it up or tone it down, and try to pinpoint situations that especially trigger the behaviors you’re trying to change. Again, get a broad range of feedback. The same trait could come across very differently to CEOs than to your direct reports—you might seem like an assertive go-getter to leaders, but an aggressive and intimidating boss to your subordinates, for instance.

When choosing a motivational speaker or corporate trainer, speaking style is key. In my talks and trainings, I strive to employ a speaking style that challenges and engages audiences, prompting them to think deeply about how to overcome the hurdles they face while honing their strengths. As a professional keynote speaker for organizations from Denver to Washington, D.C., I leave audiences with actionable tools and strategies that get results. I incorporate judicious use of multimedia into my talks and programs as well as using motivational stories to drive a point home.

When looking for a keynote speaker, consider your budget, but don’t be guided too strongly by the desire to save money. Remember, your speaker is an investment, so a higher payment for a leading speaker will pay off.

Booking the right professional keynote speaker will make all the difference in your event, and in your company.

Looking for a professional keynote speaker in Denver or anywhere else? Joel Garfinkle is an inspirational speaker who will prime your up-and-coming leaders for the next stage in their careers. I encourage you to explore my speaking credentials as well as the books I’ve written so you feel confident in my ability to take your team to the next level.

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