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The Top 4 Motivational Tips I Shared as a Speaker in Texas

While speaking to an audience of women leaders in Austin, I saw right away that many of them knew they needed to grow their visibility. During the Q&A, the question that kept coming up was not “How can I get better at my job?” but “How can I make sure people see the results I’m getting?” These women from Texas didn’t need a motivational speaker to tell them how to do their work more effectively—they needed help making themselves seen, so they could move forward in their careers.

Knowing you need something and knowing how to get it are two very different things. That’s why I speak on growing visibility often, to people of all career levels. Fortunately, you can keep leveraging these principles throughout your career after you’ve mastered them at whatever level you’re at—and share them with your own people to help them grow.

  • Promote others to promote yourself. Have you helped someone else learn a new skill? Sing their praises to your boss. That will show you’re a team player—and word will get around that you played a role in your coworker’s growth. (To some of those women I spoke to in Texas, hearing a motivational speaker telling them to promote others came as a surprise—but I promise you, it works.)
  • Look for the knowledge gaps and fill them. What skills and abilities is your team missing? Seek to master those skills and leverage them. Look for the areas where others lack confidence, too, and build your own confidence in those domains. Offer your help whenever the need for those skills and knowledge arises, and others will be impressed with your initiative.
  • Become known for your interpersonal skills. These are the hallmark of a great leader, so start honing them now. Steer clear from office gossip and help resolve drama before it explodes. Give genuine compliments on a daily basis to build up others’ confidence. In doing so, you’ll become a leader others want to follow. Whatever role you’re in now, act like a leader, and people will start wondering why you’re not in a leadership position already.
  • Take on high-visibility assignments. Leverage the power of perception by volunteering for high-profile tasks and projects. Stick to one at a time, at least at first, so you can give it your best effort and make sure you excel. Once you have one under your belt, share the results widely, and you can bet people will ask you to do more.

If you want to help your people grow as leaders, I would be delighted to give them a motivational training or keynote speech that imparts lessons like these.

Your people are ready to launch the next steps of their careers, but they need guidance on how to fill the shoes of a leader. From Alaska to Texas, a motivational speaker is the best way to empower your employees to build their capacity and tackle new, more complex challenges.

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