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3 Ways to Keep Employees Excited After the Motivational Speakers Leave

By Joel Garfinkle

Whether you are in California or Virginia, motivational speakers are an amazing tool to get your employees excited.  They use their inspirational skills to encourage your employees to strive for more, perform better, and work more efficiently and effectively together.  A great motivational speaker can increase dedication and create a more positive atmosphere organization-wide. It’s not surprising that so many top corporations hire motivational speakers for corporate executive training. However, what happens after the speaker has left? How do you keep that positivity flowing?  Here are three ways to keep your employees excited after the motivational speaker flies back to Las Vegas—or wherever he or she is from.

  1. Keep the bar high.
    One of the benefits of bringing in a motivational professional public speaker is that they inspire employees to do more and expect more from themselves. To keep that excitement after the speaker has left, keep the expectational bar high. Set high standards, monitor and measure employee performance against these standards, and share these standards and measurements with your employees. When a goal or standard is achieved, raise the bar to encourage your employees to continue to strive for more!
  2. Publicly reward those who demonstrate the ideals set forth by the speaker.
    One of the best ways to keep your employees motivated after a motivational keynote speaker has inspired your workforce is to publicly reward employees who demonstrate the ideals the speaker set forth in their talk. Recognition is a powerful motivating tool. When you see an employee who puts into practice the concepts the motivational speaker discussed, make note of it. An employee of the week award, with a small incentive such as a prime parking spot or free lunch, along with an announcement of why that employee was chosen, will encourage other employees to try to embody these same ideals, and will keep the employee receiving the award striving for more.
  3. Lead by example.
    If you want to keep your employees excited after a visit by a speaker, implement the tools and strategies that the motivational speaker shared yourself. When your employees see you applying these powerful strategies, they will follow your lead. You can develop effective leaders among your subordinates by leading by example. You are an organizational leader for a reason. Your influence and leadership skills can continue the motivation beyond the motivational speaker. Chances are your speaker discussed business leadership and motivation training, so use these newly learned skills for the benefit of your organization and your employees. Leading by example will have you conveying an executive presence to both your employees and upper management.

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