What Motivational Speakers Do

What Do Really Good Motivational Speakers Do for Their Audience?

A good motivational speaker energizes an audience and ignites a sense of passion in them for their work. But what do good motivational speakers do? An outstanding motivational speaker doesn’t just fire up an audience, but gives people the tools to channel that fire into action. Select a speaker with excellent credentials, testimonials, and videos, and who has spoken to audiences similar to yours. Investing in a top-notch speaker who fits that criteria will give you a great return on investment.

  1. Taps into Hidden Strengths

    A good speaker helps people tap into their hidden strengths and recognize how to channel them into a stronger performance. She makes employees feel both challenged and capable, which will make their work more dynamic and exciting. By doing so, she’ll actualize more of the full potential of your workforce, giving you happier, more fulfilled employees who thrive in their jobs rather than just getting through the day.

  2. Trains People to Achieve Peak Productivity

    Just as importantly, a good motivational speaker coaches people on what they must do to achieve peak productivity. No one wants to get bogged down with menial tasks day after day, yet poor time management is a huge problem in the majority of workplaces. When taught to prioritize tasks, get rid of time traps, and make use of other tools for reaching peak productivity, employees will feel far more fulfilled, and you’ll see the results in your bottom line.

  3. Motivates People to Break Through Barriers

    A good speaker makes people aware of what barriers are keeping them from performing at their best, and how to break through them. He might challenge introverted employees to step outside of their comfort zones while also recognizing their inherent strengths, which can serve as a base for building their confidence in social settings.

  4. Is Relatable to the Audience

    Being relatable to the audience is extremely important for a motivational speaker. People need to feel the speaker is one of them, someone who has walked a similar path through life. If people can’t identify with the speaker, the speaker’s advice just won’t seem relevant to them. What do really good motivational speakers do to create this connection? They speak at their audience’s level, emphasize commonalities they share, and share stories that highlight that common ground.

  5. Instills a Belief in Your Company’s Vision

    A good motivational speaker instills a belief in your company’s vision and helps each employee to feel a crucial part of achieving it. The speaker must come to understand the vision through conversations with people in your organization prior to the event. By sharing genuine enthusiasm for the company’s vision, the speaker will inspire excitement in the audience as well.

Do great motivational speakers inspire? Absolutely. But what really makes a great speaker is a passion for sharing the tools for success. When you watch videos of potential speakers, you’ll be able to see whether they possess all of these qualities. Aim for the best, and you’ll see the results in your people long after the event.

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