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Keep the Momentum Going:
Build Your Executive Library

Joel ranks among the top motivational speakers and authors in the country. He has authored seven books that are published in 25 countries. He is featured in The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching (John Wiley and Sons), and has contributed to Leader to Leader – the award-winning quarterly journal launched by the Peter F. Drucker Foundation.

A keynote speech, workshop, or seminar with Joel may be a one-time event. But your emerging leaders can take the experience with them permanently, and build on it, through Joel’s books. As a motivational speaker who is also an author, Joel presents seven of his key coaching concepts in practical, easy to read format.

With these books as a foundation, participants will continue to accelerate their growth as leaders.

Executive Presence

You won’t realize your full potential as a leader without Executive Presence. But the good news is that executive presence can be learned. If your leaders already have executive presence, this program will help them leverage it even more effectively. This book shows them how to radiate gravitas, act with authority, communicate powerfully, and build a positive reputation.

How To Be A Great Boss

In this book Joel shares the secrets that have helped him coach hundreds of bosses to true greatness. No one is born being a boss. It’s a skill that must be learned. Readers will learn how to empower employees, provide growth opportunities, and create a positive workplace culture. They will know how to become the boss their employees deserve.

Difficult Conversations

Every workplace contains elements of conflict, confrontation, controversy, and disagreement. Your people need to know how to handle these difficult situations while minimizing conflict and tension. They will learn how to create positive outcomes from negative situations, how to confront managers and others in authority, how to ask for a raise, and even how to fire someone. The results will be a workplace where difficult conversations are handled with creativity and compassion.

Getting Ahead

Why is one person more successful than another? The answer: Person A knows how to use Perception, Visibility, and Influence. Person B doesn’t know about, understand, or apply these concepts. He leaves the fate of his career in someone else’s hands. Person B is your hidden treasure—undiscovered, unmotivated, underutilized. The concepts in this book will excite your hidden leaders, motivating them to step forward and become the stars you always knew they could be.

Time Management Mastery

Your people are stressed, working long hours, and dealing with information overload. This book focuses directly on the seven specific areas that, when improved, will create a stress-free work life that will enhance personal wellbeing and productivity. The seven areas are: time, projects, people, schedules, information, work-life balance and abundance).

Get Paid What You’re Worth

Underemployed—it’s the buzz word of today’s economy. Thousands of Americans believe they are not getting paid what they are worth. In order to correct this situation, the underpaid employee needs a strategy. And they need to start by believing in their own worth to the company. Joel reveals the secrets of negotiating the highest dollar amount, along with other important do’s and don’ts of the negotiation process. Readers will learn to apply the best practices that have helped others succeed in getting paid what they are worth.

Love Your Work

Looking for greener work pastures? You may need to look no further than where you’re sitting right now. Instead of joining the millions of others crowding the job market, your dream job can be the one you already have. In this book, Joel shows the reader how to focus on new possibilities and challenges to create more excitement and passion in the job. This book is filled with tips and techniques that can be applied right now, today. The result will be increased energy and enthusiasm in a job that truly fulfills your dreams.

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