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Executive Presence: Step into Your Power,
Convey Confidence, & Lead with Conviction

The Importance of Leaders Having an Executive Presence

When 400 CEOs were asked how they chose their next level leaders, 89% of them said they looked for one critical trait – Executive Presence. So we know that executive presence is crucial for professional success.

As a speaker on leadership, Joel is the subject matter expert who can teach your business leaders how to convey confidence, command respect, and have a professional magnetism that influences others. Your people will move from passivity and self-doubt to self-assurance, decisiveness, and bold decision making.

When your people are equipped with the ability to create a leadership presence and convey confidence, they will become the high-impact leaders who move the organization forward. Joel’s motivational keynotes provide employees with the tools they need to develop a powerful executive presence.

Your Audience Will Learn How To:

Radiate Gravitas

Be poised, confident, in command, and charismatic.

Act with Authority

Be decisive, bold, accountable, and convincing.

Build a Positive Reputation

Be seen as credible, trustworthy, respected, and reliable.

Communicate Powerfully

Be concise, prepared, and deliver confident messages with conviction.

More Detailed Information on the Importance of Executive Presence

Do your leaders have it?
If they don’t, how can they get it?

They can’t realize their full potential as a leader without it. But the good news is that executive presence can be learned. If your leaders already have executive presence, this program will help them leverage it more effectively, to move ahead more easily and quickly. As these leaders rise in the organization, they realize how much greater their executive presence must be. The higher the stakes, the more your leaders need that power and presence.

Why Executive Presence Is Critical to Your Company’s Success

The downside of not having executive presence.

Seventy-eight percent of business leaders stated that a diminished executive presence paralyzes career advancement. Without executive presence, leaders will find themselves hitting an impenetrable ceiling. They will become frustrated, fail to achieve their full leadership potential, and come across as lacking confidence, conviction, and power. The organization suffers because now you have a large talent pipeline of leaders who are not ready to move to the next level.

The rewards of building an improved executive presence.

By experiencing this program, leaders will acquire the necessary traits to develop their executive presence and become the elite performers who influence outcomes, contribute to major decisions, and drive change for the betterment of the company. They will create a consistent view of themselves as a compelling force inside an organization. They will learn how to utilize presence to shape and positively affect the outcome of situations.

By The End of The Executive Presence Keynote, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Carry yourself with confidence and be sure of your abilities and what you are able to produce and accomplish.
  • Be assigned high-profile projects and be recognized as capable and competent.
  • Gain the confidence and respect of your co-workers and supervisors.
  • Get involved in meetings that will provide the chance to share your expertise, especially meetings with people in higher-level positions.
  • Learn how to stand out and increase your visibility.
  • Know your worth and be comfortable communicating it to others.
  • Put yourself in situations where you can create impact, exercise influence, and be recognized for your accomplishments.
  • Stretch your capabilities, take risks, and go beyond your comfort zone.

Executive Presence Books Are Available for Each Participant

Joel’s highly acclaimed book, Executive Presence, is the perfect companion tool to this valuable keynote. Participants can continue to grow their executive presence when they have a copy to use as their personal reference and guide to successful leadership. For a dramatically discounted rate, you can provide this useful resource for your entire audience. It’s like having your own motivational business speaker with you at all times.

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