Land Your Dream Job

Land Your Dream Job

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Land Your Dream Job

This book will lead you through a proven seven-step process that will help you define and secure work that aligns with your innate skills and passions. It has served as a guide for clients from virtually every field of work, giving them a roadmap for achieving a more fulfilling career. Whether you want to make a major career change or are just starting out, Land Your Dream Job will help you discover and leverage your natural strengths to step into the most satisfying job for you.

100 exercises to help you land your dream job.

Land Your Dream Job is packed with actionable advice that will help you transform your job into the career of your dreams. Its 100 engaging exercises will walk you through the journey of identifying and landing the job you’ve always wanted. Discover the distinct talents and strengths that make you who you are and define the ideal career path for you.

What makes Land Your Dream Job so effective?

The process laid out in this book focuses on the whole person, rather than just aligning job titles with credentials. You’ll gain fresh insights, solutions you can implement now, resources that will enrich your growth, and strategies for defining and landing your dream job.

  1. The feeling of 1:1 coaching.

    Written by an experienced coach, this book gives you the sense of having your own personal leadership coach who will answer all of your career-related questions.

  2. Client profiles you can relate to.

    The book features two composite client characters that readers can strongly relate to, referring to specific examples of how they carried out the advice given in the book.

  3. Prompts that spark dynamic self-reflection.

    You’ll tap into the full scope of your skills and passions through this book’s engaging self-reflection prompts.

  4. A focus on action steps to catalyze real change.

    Each chapter of the book centers on actionable steps that ignite growth and change, allowing you to begin taking big strides immediately.

  5. 100 inspiring exercises.

    Reflect, apply, and hone what you’ve learned in the book to keep your momentum strong and continuously achieve more ambitious results.

  6. 7 clear steps to success.

    The clear, approachable lessons shared in the book will keep you focused and eager to continue learning more.

With Land Your Dream Job as your career roadmap, you’ll find yourself landing the ideal job for you sooner than you may think. Take the reins in your career with the help of this invaluable tool!


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