Love Your Work

Love Your Work

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Love Your Work

Love Your Work: Make the Job You Have the One You've Always Dreamed Of

You’d like to get a better job, but now might not be the best time to start looking. Instead, why not redesign the job you have? This workbook will show you how.

By focusing on four key action areas you can turn the job you have into the job you’ll love. You’ll learn to:

  1. Improve your relationship with your job.

    If you are feeling bored, frustrated, unfulfilled or underutilized, you may think the only solution is to change jobs. Instead, consider the possibility of changing how you see your job. After completing an extensive self-analysis, you’ll find dozens of helpful recommendations for overcoming barriers, utilizing your unique skills and abilities, and bringing more excitement and satisfaction into your work. Focus on success and look for new possibilities.

  2. Create balance between your professional and personal life.

    You’re not just a worker or an employee—you play many roles in life besides your job. When you are satisfied in other areas of your life, you bring more energy and enthusiasm into your work. This work/life balance is important. Find out what you need to feel fulfilled, both on and off the job. Do you want to have more fun at work? Interact with people? Find a mentor or a coach? Learn how to simplify so you can create calmness and serenity in all areas of your life.

  3. Increase your productivity and efficiency.

    Learn how to set priorities, improve your productivity and focus on the most important tasks. If you know your peak productivity times, you’ll know how to plan your day for maximum effectiveness. When you complete this section of the workbook, you’ll understand words like “underpromise,” “underschedule,” and “outsource.” You’ll be able to use these techniques to create a dynamic work environment that increases your effectiveness and produces positive results.

  4. Mine for fulfillment.

    This exercise will show you exactly what you need to feel excited and fulfilled, and it will show you how to get it. It’s like digging for diamonds in your own back yard! Did you write poetry as a kid? What could you be doing today that would give you the same feeling of creativity and self-expression? What you learn can help you create satisfaction both on and off the job.

Are you looking for a better job? It might be right where you are. Order this book today and be on your way to the job you’ve always wanted.


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