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Why Joel Should Be Your Next Keynote Speaker

You want to set an inspirational tone for your conference, meeting or off-site that will capture your audience immediately. You want to have a lasting impact on employee behavior so people leave knowing how to implement the habits of motivational leadership. Joel works with you in advance to ensure that his presentation is completely relevant to your audience and serves as a continuing motivator.

With Joel as your next keynote speaker, here are the results you can expect:

During the Inspirational Keynote

Your audience will be immediately engaged.

Joel is a dynamic speaker with the ability to make a direct, personal connection with his audience. An engaging storyteller with a no-fluff speaking style, Joel shares real-life, untold stories of top executives and leaders at the world’s most admired companies. As one of the top 50 executive coaches in America, he has access to some of the most successful leaders who provide fresh insights into common issues you and your people face at work.

People will be motivated to act.

Joel delivers serious information with an entertaining and challenging delivery style. His listeners will want to break through their self-imposed limitations and set new objectives to achieve maximum personal success. The most important thing you can do to improve employee morale and job satisfaction is to use the kind of motivation Joel provides as a basis for taking greater risks and achieving greater rewards.

Leaders will experience enhanced confidence.

As people listen to Joel, they will begin to recognize their own potential. He shows them the path from where they are to what they can become. This self-awareness instills greater confidence and self-esteem in leaders at all levels of your organization.

After the Inspirational Keynote

Develop and sustain employee engagement.

Joel is a recognized expert at maximizing human potential. By developing and improving talent, your company’s competitive advantage will build a pipeline of inclusive leadership. With the tools Joel provides as a keynote speaker, top-notch talent will be discovered, fully leveraged and become the future inspirational leaders of the company.

Participants will leave with an actionable commitment.

People don’t just listen to Joel. They come away prepared to take action. As a master motivator, he challenges his audiences to identify practical techniques and tools they can implement immediately at work. Each person creates an accountability partner, a critical step for creating measurable results. Throughout each keynote, Joel encourages a high degree of audience-participation. As a speaker, he creates an informative and interactive learning environment. Participants learn key skills, acquire practical tools, and create approaches that can be transferred immediately to their current work responsibilities.

The Benefits of Investing in Joel as Your Speaker

You will benefit from extreme customization.

Your company is like no other. Joel spends an extensive amount of time gathering information, conducting in-depth research, and doing multiple interviews within your organization so he can customize his presentation to meet your specific needs. He wants to completely understand the company, division, people, culture, and environment he is to address. This will help him identify the key motivators of his audience. He will spend plenty of time with the event coordinators during a pre-event briefing. In addition, Joel interviews at least two company participants. By doing this, he learns the key issues confronting employees and is able to integrate their personal stories into his presentation.

You will enjoy an immediate return on your investment.

While the benefits are long-term, the results are immediate. Joel consistently creates long-term benefits for his audiences by providing specific action steps and useful tips that can be put into practice immediately. His participants leave with new skills, practical tools and innovative solutions to current challenges at work.

Five Signs You Need a Dynamic,
Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Employee performance is lagging.

Joel moves people quickly from lagging to thriving. They will leave the keynote feeling enthusiastic about going back to work. Their knowledge base has expanded as they have acquired new skills that inspire them. With new perspectives, they see a future filled with challenge and possibility.

Motivation fades too quickly

Joel’s motivational keynote speeches produce lasting results. It’s easy to find a “rah rah” speaker who generates instant inspiration and excitement as a motivator. Unfortunately, the excitement often fades as soon as the speaker leaves the stage. Joel is a change agent who leaves behind his set of tools and techniques that generate continuing performance improvement.

Employees are disengaged

Disengaged employees are responsible for inefficiency, low morale, and insufficient productivity. Joel’s dynamic keynote presentation can motivate and inspire your people, boosting morale and increasing employee satisfaction. You’ll show your valued employees how much you value their contribution and encourage them to do even more when you provide a life-changing  experience with Joel as your motivational keynote speaker.

Morale is sagging

Economic and industry conditions can create a toxic work environment. If there are rumors of layoffs, pay cuts, or management shakeups, you need to change the narrative. A motivational keynote speaker like Joel counteracts employees’ negative attitudes, and gives them a fresh perspective on their roles and responsibilities. He restores their confidence and passion.

People are stuck in their comfort zone

Not everyone welcomes change. If your employees have started to feel too comfortable, it could signal trouble ahead. For your company to get ahead of the competition, you must keep adapting. Joel brings with him a whole new perspective, changing attitudes and inspiring people to take on new challenges.

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