Business Leadership & Motivational Training

Transformational Leadership and Business Training for Employee Motivation

When your company commits fully to employee development, your employees feel valued. The constant learning, growth and training upgrades your talent and shows people they matter.

4 Leadership Development and Training Opportunities

Joel provides you with four different ways to develop your employees, top talent, and leadership. His transformational training provides you with the option to choose whatever format is the best fit for your corporate culture, your immediate needs, and your specific interests.


Joel will set the tone and create an inspiring message on one of his topics of expertise.


Joel provides easily accessible and scalable content that can be immediately applied at work.

Corporate Training

Joel goes into depth on a specific subject matter, customized to your specifications.

Leadership Programs

Joel presents information that will increase knowledge, expand skills, and accelerate the professional growth of your leaders.

Invest in your people.
Be dedicated to their development.
Show your employees that they matter.


How It Works
Programs that Produce Measurable Results

Here’s an in-depth look at each one of Joel’s four types of leadership development services


Joel’s keynotes are designed to set the tone for your corporate conference or meeting. He provides the right amount of balance between motivation, action, and training.

The top business and company leadership experience keynotes that provide a lasting impact on their behavior. You can count on Joel to deliver serious information with an entertaining and engaging style.

Your people will begin to recognize their own potential, as Joel shows them how to get from where they are to where they want to be. Joel is a change agent who leaves behind the tools and techniques that will produce continuing performance improvement. People will begin to move out of their comfort zones. They will take on new challenges and break new ground for themselves and for the company.


Delivered totally online, webinars are what many companies choose to maximize their return on the investment of training dollars.

Participants have a front-row seat where they can interact with Joel live, in real time, without leaving the comfort of the office or conference room. You can go global with Joel’s webinars, because you can connect with your employees anywhere in the world. And your audience has no limits—you can have a group of ten, or a virtual arena of 10,000.

When you implement this efficient business training solution, your leadership gains motivation to change immediately and apply the lessons learned minutes after the webinar ends.

Corporate Training

Unlocking the full potential of each of your employees gives you a key advantage in today’s competitive environment.

The right kind of business leadership and motivational training can improve your business performance, your profit, and most of all—your staff morale.

Joel provides trainings and workshops for senior and middle managers, as well as customized courses for your emerging leaders. Employees who experience these training programs feel valued because they know you are investing your resources to help them grow. They will be more loyal and more motivated to take on new challenges at work.

Leadership Program

Joel’s leadership development training programs are in-depth, comprehensive, and life-changing.

Designed for 10-15 existing emerging corporate leaders that you select, this six-month transformational program will provide the necessary motivation and training for your leadership. This program begins with a half-day seminar, and over the next six months, each participant will experience one-on-one personal coaching with Joel, peer coaching, group coaching, webinars, three-way sync meetings with Joel and their manager, and unlimited email support.

  • Do you want to uncover the hidden leadership talent in your organization?
  • Do you want your leaders to grow at an accelerated pace?
  • Do you want to improve employee retention and job satisfaction?

You can experience all these outcomes when you implement Joel’s leadership development program.

Whether your organization needs to focus on business leadership, motivational training, or a transformational development program, Joel provides a customized approach.

Each one of Joel’s four offerings is designed for a high degree of peer interaction, learning and engagement. The collaborative nature of his trainings results in a deeper and more sustained commitment to learning. Employees leave each experience with a constant desire to keep growing and take on new challenges that enhance their development. Watch him speaking and in-action.


“His facilitation style encourages active participation and sharing from the attendees. I highly recommend Joel.”

– Nestle USA

“You stole the show! I learned more in the first 15 minutes of Joel’s presentation than I do at many other conferences.”

– Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

“I got more out of his three-hour seminar than any multiple-day class I've attended at the American Management Association.”

– Accenture

“Your enthusiasm, style and heart enabled the team to open up and really listen to the message. We hope to be able to bring you back every year to help us keep on track.”

– Cisco Systems, Inc.

“I thought your presentation was right on target for what we needed. I recommend any organization that wants to get the most from its people to hire Joel Garfinkle to accomplish that.”

– Wells Fargo Bank

The Benefits of Choosing Joel’s Services

Ongoing leadership development of your people is an essential competitive advantage to continue the successful upward trajectory of your organization.

Here are the benefits your company will experience through participation in one or more of Joel’s four service offerings:

Your company will gain a competitive edge.

Stagnation can kill your company. Professional training assures that your staff is constantly advancing, and that you will remain competitive in your marketplace.

You will build employee confidence.

When people recognize their own worth, you will develop and keep your key performers, strengthen your teams, and dramatically improve morale within the organization. They’ll learn strategies for work promotion that get them noticed for the results they achieve, along with a significantly enhanced leadership toolbox.

Your employees will remain competitive.

People work for an employer who constantly dedicates resources to upgrade their skills and challenge them to grow.

You will quickly spot weaknesses and skill gaps.

With a carefully planned training program, you can more easily identify skill gaps and put plans in motion to eliminate them. Joel’s programs will quickly bring your staff up to speed and accelerate learning so they can continue to operate at the highest functioning level in their roles.

You will create a culture of learning that helps your employees become subject matter experts.

Employees who experience continual professional development are more likely to stay with you and remain dedicated to your mission. When you take an active role in people’s development, you demonstrate confidence in and concern for the future of the organization. Employees feel part of a community that appreciates their value and contribution.

You will increase job satisfaction.

Effective leadership training programs can be transformational because they provide your staff with a much higher sense of job satisfaction. As employee satisfaction increases, morale improves, productivity goes up and turnover is reduced.

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