Executive Presence Workshops

Why Executive Presence Workshops Matter–They are of Essential Importance

How are executive presence workshops conducted, and how can they benefit your company?

An executive presence workshop has several major benefits:

  • Equipping good leaders to become exceptional
  • Guiding star talent to prepare for next-level roles
  • Improving workplace culture

Let’s examine why workshops on executive presence are so vital to success, key topics they cover, and how to prepare to hold one at your company.

Why Executive Presence Workshops Are Critical to Success

Too often, companies don’t provide high-level leadership training before promoting employees to higher-level roles. Or, they simply never promote their own people, believing they don’t have the skill to excel at higher levels. These companies are typically underutilizing their talent. Such trainings can help them identify and cultivate hidden talent that has been flying under the radar. In turn, employee morale will increase dramatically when they see their company is investing in them.

Executive presence workshops allow people to increase their impact within their organization. Employees become more satisfied in their work as they step into their full potential, and they deliver more value to their company. Everyone wins—leaders, their organization, and the people they serve.

Further, workshops on executive presence can transform workplace culture in very positive ways. Leaders who have lost enthusiasm can reignite their passion for their work, allowing them to inspire their teams more. A culture of fault-finding or passivity can transform into a proactive culture that prizes accountability and action. In such ways, these workshops can have far-reaching effects for many years to come, influencing future generations of employees and leaders.

What Executive Presence Workshops Cover

Executive presence workshops can cover how to develop all aspects of executive presence, or they can focus on specific areas. Some companies prefer to hold a series of three workshops that each focus on gravitas, authority, or expression—the 3 core domains of executive presence. Others ask for a series of workshops based on the most pressing needs we identify together.

By exploring these topics, participants learn how to show up with power and contribute more fully to their organization’s success. They learn to communicate masterfully, project an aura of authority, and influence others. In these ways, they prepare to lead teams and projects at a high level.

Regardless of specific areas of focus, my executive presence workshops are heavily action-oriented. I focus on delivering clear success strategies that participants can immediately begin implementing in the workplace. They leave with action items specific to their needs. They also leave with strategies and support for gaging their progress and correcting course when needed.

Timing of Executive Presence Workshops

Executive presence workshops can be held either as a one-time event or a series of trainings. Holding executive presence workshops at regular intervals over a specific period of time gives participants the chance to practice and internalize their newfound knowledge after each session. For instance, companies might hold them once a month or once per quarter. Each workshop could focus on one of the core elements of executive presence, or it can deepen participants skills in all three main areas.

Further, these workshops can be held in person in cities across the U.S. or online. Today, of course, executive presence webinars are becoming an increasingly popular and convenient option.

Preparing for an Executive Presence Workshop

If you’re realizing that an executive presence workshop will benefit your company, think critically about the primary issues you need it to address.

  • What key hurdles has your company been facing?
  • What challenges are preventing your leaders from performing at their best?
  • How do your current leaders show up—what are their greatest areas of strength, and what qualities do they lack?
  • What does your leadership pipeline look like? What qualities do they need in order to reach the next level?
  • What cultural issues are you facing within your organization? What does your ideal workplace culture look like?

Be honest with yourself in your answers. Only by acknowledging problems can you resolve them. An executive presence trainer needs to understand the specifics of your situation to address it fully. When a client contacts me about holding an executive presence program, I ask questions such as these to gain a clear picture of the context I’ll be stepping into. This background knowledge allows me to speak to leaders’ particular needs and help them create a detailed plan for growth.

Leverage the power of executive presence workshops to prepare your leadership pipeline for success. Contact Joel to set up an executive presence course or training series on the essential elements of executive presence. You can also purchase his book for each employees participating in the training: Executive Presence: Step into Your Power, Convey Confidence and Lead with Conviction.

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