Motivational Meeting Themes

How to Choose a Motivational Meeting Theme

When choosing a motivational theme for an upcoming meeting, ask yourself what your workplace needs now. What qualities and skills do your employees need to strengthen in themselves? Then choose a speaker and theme that conveys excitement, getting employees revved up to participate before they even get there. Here are five meeting themes that you can utilize with your team or at your company.

  1. High-Energy Leaders: What’s Their Secret?

    We’ve all seen leaders who seem to have boundless energy; who never seem to lose their drive and passion. What keeps them going? They might not actually have more energy than others; they just channel it well. They know how to keep from getting bogged down with time traps and how to manage stress well, and they know how to say “no.” When you see them succeed with a major project, it means they’ve deflected countless smaller distractions that are probably eating up their coworkers’ time. They also know how to take criticism and failure well, keeping them from getting overly stressed about those things, which is a huge waste of energy.Help your employees learn the secrets of a high-energy leader, and you’ll have a workplace filled with happier as well as more productive employees.

  2. Find Work and Home Life Balance

    Employees struggle with work life balance. When they can’t leave work in the workplace, it directly impacts their home life. To find balance, employees need to overcome the “rush syndrome” that creates constant feelings of overwhelm, affecting health and personal life as well as work. They need to learn to pace themselves for the long-game, rather than letting themselves burn out quickly—which means learning to set boundaries. A motivational meeting on this theme can share strategies like completing the most important tasks during times of peak personal productivity, unplugging technology when you leave work, and scheduling time to do things you enjoy with the people who are important to you.

  3. Hone the Power of Persuasion

    When you exude passion for what you do, the effect is contagious. Persuasive employees will help your company shine, as well as enjoying more satisfaction in their careers. A motivational meeting on this theme could, for example, help employees boost their sales, increase clients’ confidence in your company, and inspire the people they supervise. The specific focus of the meeting can vary depending on the department or level of leadership it’s for, but this skill will benefit employees at any level or role. Developing influential leader happen by utilizing the power of persuasion.

  4. Master Workplace Communication Skills

    Communication is essential to achieving peak productivity. However, it’s often hard to define where communication breaks down, and how to improve it, when bad communication has been happening for a long time. A meeting theme focused on how to have difficult conversations is motivational for employees because they learn to have crucial conversations. You end up breaking harmful patterns and achieving strong communication, improving workflow, interpersonal relationships, and your company’s bottom line.

  5. Become a Visionary Leader

    A visionary leader sees the potential in any situation and can visualize how to get there. She not only thinks creatively about how to achieve success, but helps others envision the path to success as well. Conveying belief in the vision and process is part of visionary leadership. The visionary leader also instills passion in all employees by validating how each of their roles fits into the big picture. A meeting that helps employees become better leaders will supercharge your company for success.

These motivational meeting themes are all attractive to employees because they’ll help them each succeed in their individual career path. At the same time, each meeting theme will prime your organization for greater success. Choose the theme that speaks most to your company’s needs, and watch your employee’s blossom.

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